Eagle-eyed Reddit users have founded a Rocket League free to play date, courtesy of Nintendo.

15:07, 15 Sep 2020

Whether you're prowling through Reddit or scrolling in the replies on Twitter, at least one person will comment "when is Rocket League going free to play", no matter what post you're on. Whether it's a meme, article, or a picture of your cat, the likelihood is that someone wants to know "when is RL f2p?".

Well, the answer may be sooner than you think. According to eagle-eyed Reddit user, u/sam_wise_guy, Nintendo has leaked the release date for the conversion to free to play is to be September 23. 

Nintendo might have just leaked the free to play release date: September 23rd from r/RocketLeagueEsports

This also comes as Nintendo remove Rocket League from the switch eShop, which looks to be a tactic to prevent players buying Rocket League for the price of $20 just a week before it hits the store for free. 

Rocket League free to play has also hit the Epic Games store, although it cannot be downloaded, in preparation for its release.

Rocket League will be going free to play after five years since Psyonix revamped Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, which will hopefully encourage a huge number of new players. With the esport set to become the joint-first game to ever appear at the Olympic Games in 2021 (it was originally announced to be in the 2020 Olympics which were postponed due to coronavirus), it could encourage a plethora of avid gamers to head to Rocket League and increase the standard of the game overall.

Alongside going free to play, it is likely that we will see Season 15 commence, ending the longest season in Rocket League history, and the next instalment of the Rocket Pass becoming available.

Should Nintendo's slip up come to fruition, this would mean we're set to go free to play in just over a weeks time. 


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Image via Psyonix

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