Ahead of RLCS, Rocket League have announced more Twitch emotes personalised from the best community moments.

11:06, 31 Jul 2020

Rocket League has released twelve new Twitch emotes ahead of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Season X. The new Rocket League Twitch emotes are highlights of the best community moments and memes over the years, including 'This is Rocket League'.

Other honourable mentions go to a Shogun Overtime emote and quips such as WOW!, Nice Shot!, and Calculated. This now takes the total of emotes to 19, which can be unlocked by becoming a Tier 1 subscriber to the Rocket League Esports Twitch channel, costing £4.99 a month.

With RLCS X kicking off this weekend (August 1) in Europe, you will be able to smash these into the Chat following a Kaydop double-tap or an AztraL flip-reset.

In more Rocket League news, Connor ‘Jessie’ Lansink has signed for Dignitas as their substitute and content creator after they bought out his contract from Oxygen Esports. Dignitas made a statement on the news on their official Twitter account, saying: "🚨ROCKET LEAGUE NEWS ALERT 🚨 Dignitas bought out the contract of Jessie Esports and with it, acquiring the GREATEST Rocket League player to ever hit Dunk House. Welcome @Jessie to Dignitas!"

The streamer joins the star fuelled roster of ViolentPanda, Yukeo and Joreuz, and Virge as coach, before they kick off in the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Season X this weekend.

Despite not physically competing in a RLCS since Season 2,  Jessie is one of the largest Rocket League streamers, with a massive 126,420 followers on Twitch, and 26,300 followers on Twitter. Dignitas will  be kicking off in RLCS X on August 1, at stage one on the first regional event in the fall split.

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Image via Rocket League

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