Uzi. Ming, Xiaohu Re-signed, XiaoLongBao and Betty Added

09:10, 15 Dec 2019

Royal Never Give Up In 2020

Royal Never Giveup, the LPL powerhouse that’s been headed by Uzi for years now, has made an announcement regarding the contracts of three of their core players being extended: Uzi, Ming, and Xiaohu. Despite having a poor performance at Worlds 2019 where they couldn’t break into playoffs after being placed in a group of death, RNG will have the same core four players, with only AmazingJ - their jungler - being replaced.

Rumors had been circulating regarding the acquisition of XiaoLongBao after his manager PDD confirmed it during a stream. This has since been confirmed by RNG themselves, as they announced his addition on the 15th of December.

Their further announcement of an additional ADC comes in wake of the disbanding Flash Wolves, with Betty being announced as the second ADC for the team. In typical Uzi fashion, it’s expected that Betty may be the ADC to sub in for him during the initial portions of season 10 in order to give him the time needed to avoid burnout should the move take place.

Although it was rumored by Korean reporter Kenzi that Hanabi - the top laner from Flash Wolves - would also be a likely acquisition by the team, no signs of this have come true so far, and many Chinese outlets have not reported on it so far either.

XiaoLongBao’s addition itself has brought about much discussion - with him having been one of China’s many heavily reputed up-and-coming jungle players who will now be catapulted into one of the biggest LPL teams history has given us so far. Although breakout players are nothing new - whether or not he can be what RNG needs to reclaim international success is something that fans wait to see with bated breaths.

Ultimately, although RNG has chosen to stick with a similar core, their playstyle will need heavy changes and the pressure on them will be even greater now that the LPL has sent two teams to win Worlds - a feat which everyone would have put RNG as the favorites for years ago. If rumors and reports are correct, their roster for 2020 should be:

  • Uzi (ADC)
  • Betty (ADC)
  • Ming (Support)
  • Langx (Top)
  • Xiaohu (Mid)
  • XiaoLongBao (Jungle)

Image via Riot Games Flickr

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