RL Oceania's second largest event outside of the RLCS is well underway, with the finals played in two days time...

12:00, 24 Jun 2020

The teams for the Rocket League Oceania Grand Slam finals have been settled, as Oceania’s finest will compete for $46,000 prize pool, the scenes second-biggest winnings outside of the RLCS, with the Spring Series being top. The finalists of the Spring Series were invited, meaning Cringe Society and Renegades earnt themselves automatic qualification for the finals, and the other six sides were determined through the open qualifiers.

The Teams Qualified are:

1st Seed – Renegades (Kamii, Siki & CJCJ)
2nd Seed – Cringe Society (Torsos, Drippay & Decka)
3rd Seed – Team Skyfire (Walcott, Ghost & Misty)
4th Seed – Ground Zero Gaming (Julz, SPYDODGE & Express)
5th Seed – Mindfreak (Fever, Requiem & Cavemanben)
6th Seed – Riot Gaming (Change. Zukoe & Ceeva)
7th Seed – Arora Esports (ZeN, Fiberr & Leviathan)
8th Seed – Overt (Spratt, Cobbo & Riv)

The finals will divert from the standard single-elimination Quarterfinals, Semifinals and final format, having a double-elimination first round and seeds to determine the finals.

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This format means there cannot be a repeat of the Spring Series Final unless both teams advance to the Grand Slam final too, and with the form of teams in the qualifiers, this may not be the case.


Last season’s second-place RLCS OCE side, Fury, have already been eliminated from the Grand Slam after falling to R!OT Gaming and Mindfreak in the qualifiers, as well as Canberra Havoc who lost out to Arora Esports and Overt.

If the qualifiers were to go by, the close match-ups between the higher-seeded teams will be thrilling. In a matchup between Ground Zero and Arora, we saw a fiercely contested tie, with a game five tiebreaker after back-to-back overtime games. With just one goal separating the two in over 30 minutes of extraordinary Rocket League, the Grand Slam is set to be a competition filled with excitement and energy.

The Grand Slam finals are set to kick off on June 27th at 6am BST // 3pm ACT // 1am EST, where round one will be complete, featuring four best of seven matches. Round two, three and the Grand finals will kick off at two hours earlier on June 28th, with five games in total.


You can watch the Grand Slam below through the RLO Grand Slam Twitch Channel.

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Image via RLO  |  Twitter @RlOceania

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