The ice has thawed and competitive Rocket League has started again, but not everyone has held their form over Christmas.

18:30, 06 Jan 2021

North America might still be in a festive mood, but the RLCS has started back up in Europe already. In addition to the new season of The Field starting (which, by the way, is currently being led by the Spanish underdogs “Little Giants”), the third instalment of The Grid took place, providing some unexpected results and allowing some forgotten faces an opportunity to shine.

5. Aldin “Ronaky” Hodzic - Team Liquid

The boys in blue have had a torrid time in the Winter split - they narrowly escaped going 0-2 again in the second regional event and current sit thirteenth in The Grid, never having made it beyond the quarter-finals, and over 80 points adrift from Team BDS, the tenth-placed side. That being said, their latest addition has been trying his darndest to keep the team from freezing. Ronaky shone through with a terrifying 3.9 shots per game (second out of the forty-eight players) and performed a level above his teammates in terms of goals and assists per game. It was Jack “Speed” Packwood-Clarke that picked up the minimal slack on defence, but Ronaky was still putting up two saves per game on average.

The Grid EU standings after week 3
The Grid EU standings after week 3

4. Ole “Oaly” van Doorn - Wolves Esports

The initial hype around the Premier League side’s esports team seems to have died down, and with that their hopes and dreams of retaining their spot in The Grid have diminished to nothing, but that hasn’t stopped them trying to make a dent. They secured their first win in The Grid at the weekend, in no small part down to the leader of the pack Oaly. He scored five of Wolves’ nine goals in their 3-0 sweep against Top Blokes and managed to maintain a very competitive 0.67 assists per game throughout the competition.

3. Evan “M0nkey M00n” Rogez - Team BDS

Team BDS’ loss to Top Blokes in the first round of the playoffs may mean the end of this oft-complained-about format. Up to that point though, the Swiss organisation was on fire.

M0nkey M00n, as you’d expect, was leading the charge, averaging one goal per game and placing in the top five for shots per game (3.53). He was also a brick wall on defence, placing fourth overall in the saves per game category.

2. Jack “ApparentlyJack” Benton - Dignitas

Is it a period of form or has Dignitas finally found a roster that clicks? Either way, they’ve just won their second event on the bounce (they were the Rocket League Summit champions as well). Jack played out of his mind on offence, with 73% goal participation, partly thanks to his astronomical assists per game record (0.86).

1. Yanis “Alpha54” Champenois - Team Vitality

My first Standout Player of the Week of 2021 was the only player to exceed four shots per game across The Grid - a pretty big achievement given he played twenty-seven games. Alpha54 was also the top goalscorer, with 1.11 per game (that’s 30 across the six series he played). For the first time, at least for a while, I’ve ranked someone as both the Standout Player and the performer of the best clip of a week. Congratulations Alpha54!


You’ll have to wait a while longer for North American competition to return, but with the third European and Oceanic Regional Events starting on Saturday and Phase 2 beginning in South America, there’s something to fill the void for everyone. In the meantime though, stay tuned for more news, interviews, and features here at GGRecon!



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