With South America entering the ring, it's time for another recap of the RLCS' smaller regions

18:30, 26 Nov 2020

Welcome to the second edition of the RLCS Round-The-World Recap. After not having a single RLCS event last week, this time it was South America's time in the spotlight as the newest region on Psyonix's professional circuit had the first two events of its Winter Split. It wasn't all quiet in Oceania though, as RLOceania's RLO Masters carried on into its third monthly final.

Prime Series 1: True Neutral get their revenge

This Split saw a newly-revamped Prime Series format, with the double-elimination bracket now taking place over two days and the first day acting as a qualifier. Despite the change, it was the usual suspects fighting it out at the top. True Neutral and Ellevens Esports, who had contested four grand finals already this season, met in the upper bracket final and the grand final once again. Although Ellevens took home the first series, True Neutral (for the second time in one day) blew past a Chromax side who had mounted a lower bracket run against PDHM and Noble Esports before meeting their makers. With another chapter in the history books about to be written, Ellevens got off to a good start by taking the first game before True Neutral struck back. Ellevens squeezed into a game seven by taking home a five-minute-plus overtime but, in the end, True Neutral were simply too strong. Their sixth tournament win of the season saw True Neutral off to a flying start as they look to defend their regional crown.

Midweek Mayhem: Same old, same old

Well, well, well. In a surprise to just about nobody, True Neutral and Ellevens Esports faced off in another grand final. This time, True Neutral made light work of their rivals, taking the series after just two games thanks to the one-game advantage from their earlier reverse sweep over Ellevens in the upper bracket. Now at the top of the Prime Series rankings by almost 100 points, the Argentine-Chilean trio have all-but-guaranteed a spot in the first Grand Series of the Winter Split.

RLO Masters: Same old, same old ... Again

Name a more iconic duo - Renegades and winning community events. It's becoming increasingly more difficult to do so as Cameron "CJCJ" Johns and co. took home yet another RLO Masters victory. Leaving aside their first-week forfeit, they're yet to be knocked from the top of the podium since the middle of October. Wins over every other team in the top four (Cringe Society, Ground Zero and Mindfreak) was a statement and a half to make, but Renegades did it in style. Dropping four games across three playoff matchups has put the Detroit-based organisation in pole position to take home both this month's RLO Masters title and the upcoming regional.



That's it for this week, we'll be back seven days from now to recap the RLO Masters November Finals and the second Midweek Madness before the Regionals return in full swing the following week. As always, stay tuned to GGRecon for more RLCS X content from all over the Rocket League world.

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