Another week of The Grid means it’s time for more Power Rankings.

18:30, 16 Sep 2020

As the Fall Split draws to a close, and the Major approaches, Europe’s top sides have begun to fall into place. With just one Regional and three Grid weeks to go, let’s take a look at how the teams stack up.

On the cusp:

  • Barrage and Fadeaway remain just outside of the top ten due to not being part of The Grid
  • Monkeys were leapfrogged by Solary’s impressive Grid showing

#10: Solary (New) - ExoTiiK / Kérian / Yukiss

Solary started off with an incredible group stage run in The Grid, sweeping both the Giants and Vitality as they secured a top-eight finish. However, just as quickly as their miracle run began, it had ended - with a narrow loss to FC Barcelona. Those two victories will give the French rookies plenty to look forward to going forward, but wins against the mid-table sides are crucial to their rise up the leaderboards.

#9: Endpoint (-2) - Virtuoso / RelatingWave / Metsanauris

Another challenging week for the British organisation. Endpoint failed to reach the playoffs yet again after defeats to Vitality and Oxygen. Having made the playoffs of three of this season’s eight events so far, Endpoint need to overcome that final hurdle to restore their top-five spot in the rankings.

#8: Team Liquid (+1) - kuxir97 / Speed / fruity

Team Liquid’s promising runs continued this week, with an agonising loss to Team BDS knocking them out in the quarterfinals. With most of their defeats now only coming against Europe’s top sides, Liquid are once again starting to show some promise ahead of the third Regional.

#7: Oxygen Esports (+1) - Ferra / Chaussette45 / AztraL

A top-four finish meant that, despite having yet to win a single week, Oxygen now stand atop of The Grid standings. However, once reaching the semifinals they were completely decimated by an in-form Top Blokes side. With The Grid potentially deciding their Fall Major fate, the next couple of weeks are crucial for the French side.

#6: Guild Esports (-1) - noly / ThO. / Scrub

The other team ravaged by Top Blokes’ early playoff run, Guild had taken down Dignitas and (impressively) Vitality before being swept in the quarterfinals. This season, Guild are yet to finish anywhere outside of 5th-12th in any competition, but this side will be looking to push the upper boundary of that statistic before the split is done.

#5: FC Barcelona (+1) - Deevo / Ronaky / Itachi

Currently holding the title of “best of the rest”, FC Barcelona made it to the semifinals of The Grid for the second time this season, with wins against Chalked, Libertas, and Solary. Whilst that may not sound very impressive, Solary were coming off the back of two incredible sweeps and had a game advantage, making FCB’s win - despite their immediate sweeping at BDS’ hands afterwards - all the more impressive.

RLCS X Power Rankings

#4: Vodafone Giants (-1) - Tox / Zamué / Stake

It’s been a while since Giants have been outside of the top three. However, a dismal last-place showing in The Grid drops the Spanish side down a spot, just a week after their stellar Regional finish almost pushed them up to second.

#3: Top Blokes (+1) - FlamE / Kassio / archie

At long last, Top Blokes have broken into the top three. Dominant wins over FC Barcelona, Liquid, Guild, and Oxygen put them in position to take a second Grid title but, by the smallest of margins, they lost out to Team BDS once again.

#2: Renault Vitality (+0) - Fairy Peak / Kaydop / Alpha54

Vitality stay in second, despite losing to both Solary and Guild but, with both Top Blokes and Giants breathing down their necks, the French hype train needs to pick up some steam before the final Regional of the split.

#1: Team BDS (+0) - MaRc_By_8. / M0nkey M00n / Extra

Just as BDS took over Vitality in the Power Rankings, they felt that it was finally time to take home a Grid. With a narrow win over Top Blokes, BDS secured their third tournament of the season and are looking set to put in a strong performance in the third Regional and Fall Major.

That’s it for this week, once again - congratulations to Team BDS. We’ll be back next week for more Power Rankings, stay tuned to GGRecon for more RLCS X content.

Images via DreamHack | ZeeboDesigns

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