The roster that has been on top for most of the split has regained their crown once again.

18:30, 19 Oct 2020

The RLCS X European Fall Major is underway, and for once, the event has been somewhat predictable. Despite this, there have been some big shuffles on this weeks power rankings, but I’m going to put that down mainly to mine and Ben’s different ranking factors.

On The Cusp:

  • Team Liquid have fallen out of the top ten by virtue of not playing at the major and several high profile losses in The Field, but could easily get back onto the list with some convincing results.
  • Fierce Esports have been capitalising on the mishaps of Team Liquid and other Field Division 1 teams, and currently sit third in the standings, trailing leaders Oxygen Esports by 6 ELO.

#10: Guild Esports (-3) - ThO. / noly / Scrub Killa

Guild may have come within a few games of reverse sweeping the Swiss bracket, but they did not look promising at all on Saturday night. The British side suffered losses against close rivals FC Barcelona and Triple Trouble, and also fell in the first round against a resurgent Fadeaway. Their two wins against Libertas and Magnifico, two of the weakest teams heading into the event, leaves little to celebrate.

#9: Oxygen Esports (+1) - Ferra / Chausette45 / AztraL

Oxygen find themselves in a similar position to Guild following a 2-3 exit from the major. I personally had higher hopes for the French-speaking team, but, as Ben correctly pointed out two weeks ago, Oxygen had been suffering in The Grid. The saving graces for this roster are that they, unlike Guild, did beat Fadeaway, and were one game from progressing to the playoffs on two occasions.

#7=: FC Barcelona (-1) - Deevo / Ronaky / itachi

A pretty run of the mill week for FC Barcelona has seen them through to the playoffs, their victories over Oxygen, Dignitas and Guild and losses against Team BDS and Vitality were easily predictable. If it weren’t for Triple Trouble stepping it up and Galaxy Racer being ranked so low in the last edition both FC Barcelona and Endpoint would have retained their position.

#7=: Endpoint (-2) - RelatingWave / virtuoso / Metsanauris

With that being said, Endpoint had a much easier run to the playoffs and they still almost botched it - 3-2 against Magnifico, Solary and Oxygen Esports and 2-3 against the Giants and Triple Trouble. Therefore, I now consider them to be tied with FC Barcelona in the power rankings.


#6: Triple Trouble (NEW) - Tadpole / bluey. / Calix

TT were not even on my radar heading into the Fall Major, but wins over Guild, Endpoint and the Giants have cemented them as a secure top eight side in Europe. They face Galaxy Racer in a clash between the fastest RLCS X rising stars in the quarterfinals this week.

#5: Vodafone Giants (-2) - Zamué / Stake / Tox

I expected better from the side that won the most recent iteration of The Grid, but losses against BDS (a sweep, I should add), and Triple Trouble have made me nervous - do the Giants have the consistency to make deep runs in multi-week events? Fortunately, they have prevented any further tumble down the Power Rankings by beating Endpoint and Fadeaway. They face Renault Vitality in the quarterfinals, the only premature big four battle.

#4: Galaxy Racer (+4) - Mittaen / arju / eekso

With the Giants faltering, another team had to rise to the occasion. Galaxy Racer took down Renault Vitality 3-1 this week and progressed to the playoffs as the fourth seed. A loss to Top Blokes in Round 3 makes me doubt that the former Monkeys roster can progress beyond the semifinals when their bracket contains Team BDS, but it is evident that Galaxy Racer have not reached their peak yet.

#3: Top Blokes (+1) - FlamE / Kassio / archie

Top Blokes was not a team that I actively anticipated going 3-0 in the Swiss bracket, but in this timeline, they managed it (albeit without facing any Big Four teams). The easier matchup they have set up for themselves against Endpoint should be simple to win, but the prospect of facing off against Renault Vitality or Giants Gaming in the semifinals with a poor warmup game is likely a scary one for RamS and company.

#2: Renault Vitality (-1) - Kaydop / Fairy Peak! / Alpha54

A surprising loss against Galaxy Racer left me with no choice but to swap Vitality and BDS around again, even if Vitality’s victories were convincing they were against teams of much lower calibre, a win in the major would restore them to the top spot, but that requires them to take down their closest rivals - Team BDS.

#1: Team BDS (+1) - MaRc_By_8. / M0nkey M00n / Extra

The roster that has been on top for most of the split has regained their crown once again with a breathtaking 9-0 performance in the Swiss stage, the question now is can any team take a game off them in playoffs, if Vitality don’t step their game up, I can’t see it happening. BDS face FC Barcelona in the quarterfinals.


The European Fall Split major continues and concludes this Saturday at 4pm BST. Stay tuned for more news, interviews and features here at GGRecon!



Images from DreamHack | Endpoint

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