RLCS X: Power Rankings EU - Edition #1

RLCS X: Power Rankings EU - Edition #1

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Ben Hurst


4th Aug 2020 17:30

That was some weekend, wasn’t it? With two of Europe’s top four teams failing to make it out of the first Swiss Stage in the Regional Event 1, this week’s Power Rankings are going to require several adjustments! Before the event’s conclusion this weekend, here’s how the best teams in Europe stack up.

#10: Oxygen Esports (-8) - Ferra / Chausette45 / AztraL

How did they get all the way down here? Following Team Liquid’s surprising elimination at the hands of Monkeys, Oxygen decided to one-up their former third by losing in four games rather than in game-five overtime. It was a dismal showing from the Summer Grand Prix runners-up, and they’ll be looking to rebuild ahead of The Grid on Thursday.

#9: Team Liquid (-5) - kuxir97 / Speed / fruity

Almost falling as far as their French counterparts, Team Liquid fell to Monkeys, Triple Trouble and Fadeaway as they suffered a stage one exit. Although they showed small flashes of brilliance (including a nostalgic cross-field air dribble from kuxir against Monkeys), too many double commits and poor touches led to Liquid being outclassed by former Rival Series talents. Much like OXG, they need to come back on Thursday refreshed, or they’ll soon find themselves missing out on the first major.

#8: Guild Esports (-2) - noly / ThO. / Scrub

Guild narrowly avoided being the next upset team with a 3-1 win over Glory4Builders in their 2-2 series. Although they did take out Endpoint earlier on in the day, losses to BDS and Giants (winning just one game across both series) before a narrow win against a bubble side was not the start that David Beckham’s organisation was hoping for in their RLCS debut.

RLCS X Power Rankings EU
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#5=: Endpoint (+5) - Virtuoso / RelatingWave / Metsanauris

The bottom three teams from last week’s rankings all managed to qualify from their groups with 3-1 records, and so they all claim the fifth spot this time around. Endpoint, despite losing to Guild in Round 2, found their groove against a Stormtroopers side who would go on to take down Oxygen as they made their way to the second stage of the competition, with Virtuoso’s signature demolitions making a return.

#5=: Top Blokes (+4) - FlamE / Kassio / archie

Things got off to the worst possible start for the former Veloce side as they lost their first game of the day against MINKZ. However, after taking that series 3-1, they looked on fire. Dominant sweeps over Singularity and Monkeys booked TB’s ticket into the second stage, with SNG and Monkeys also qualifying later on. Yes, they were heavily beaten by Renault Vitality but, at this point, that’s not such a bad thing for a side looking to prove that they belong in the upper half of Europe’s elite sides.

#5=: Vodafone Giants (+3) - Tox / Zamué / Stake

The Giants certainly proved that their poor showing in the Summer Grand Prix was nothing more than an off day as they lost just one game in their final two matchups against Oxygen and Guild. Although they were upset in the first round by Magnifico, Giants sent a message that they can come back from what could have been a devastating defeat by gReazy’s new side.

#4: Dignitas (+3) - ViolentPanda / Yukeo / Joreuz

After crashing out of the Summer Grand Prix without winning a series, things were looking dire for the former world champions. Nevertheless, Dignitas raced out of the gates in stage one, losing just two games (despite playing two teams who would go on to qualify) on their way to a 3-0 advancing record. If their run with AztraL is anything to go by, Dignitas fans have a bright future to look forward to.

#3: FC Barcelona (+2) - Deevo / Ronaky / Itachi

Itachi showed the world what they’d been missing out on by helping FC Barcelona to a swift 3-0 record in their swiss bracket. Although they didn’t beat any other teams in this week’s top ten, a sweep over Monkeys and a win over an at-the-time red hot Fadeaway side is certainly nothing to scoff at. With a high seed secured, FCB head into this week’s matches filled with confidence after some quality individual performances from all three players.

#2: Team BDS (+1) - MaRc_By_8. / M0nkey M00n / Extra

Even though they qualified with a 3-0 record, it felt like BDS had slipped under the radar a little after they failed to make an appearance on the primary broadcast on Sunday. Regardless, tuning into the ELEAGUE stream showed off a capable side dominating both Libertas and Guild as they reached stage two with ease. Their rise to the top of Europe just keeps on going.

#1: Renault Vitality (+0) - Fairy Peak / Kaydop / Alpha54

Bet you never saw this one coming, did you? After securing the top spot last week, Vitality cemented their position at the top of Europe with wins over The Last Resort, Solary and Top Blokes. Losing just one game against three sides who all went on to qualify for stage two is no easy feat and Vitality, with all the momentum in the world behind them, are poised to take Europe’s first Regional Event this weekend.

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