It’s the penultimate week of the regular season for RLCS season nine, and things really are heating up.

17:37, 14 Mar 2020

It’s the penultimate week of the regular season for RLCS season nine, and things really are heating up. This weekend could potentially lock in sides for the playoffs, top four or two, or even condemn some sides to the relegation tournament or even automatic demotion. With still a ton to play for, let’s take a look at the twelve matches to come this weekend, which might very well define the season.

North America

Cloud9 (2-4) vs Susquehanna Soniqs (5-1)

The two NA sides that have their doubleheader matchdays play each other to open the weekend’s proceedings. There are some doubts on both sides. While the Soniqs are good, are they really a top two challenger. While clutch, some would argue their game five overtime shenanigans can’t last. And as for Cloud9, does one sweep over NRG overwrite the previous miserable few months Cloud9 have endured. Therefore, whoever loses this match might very well have to have their accomplishments this season be brushed over, and the winner is the real deal.

Spacestation Gaming (5-1) vs Rogue (2-5)

Last week saw Rogue turn up in a big way, arguably their strongest showing since the Summer of 2019. With Wonder in a goal-scoring mood, firstkiller looking more solidified in RLCS by the day and Kronovi the ever sold veteran, Rogue are in a decent spot. But is it good enough to beat Spacestation. Wonder’s goalscoring spree mightn’t be enough to topple SSG, who boast the least goals conceded in all of RLCS, all while having a superior goalscorer in AxB. Rogue might have the prodigy firstkiller, but SSG have reigning MVP Sypical. And given Spacestation’s near flawless season, its hard to imagine Rogue is the squad that takes them down.

Flight (1-6) vs Susquehanna Soniqs (5-1)

Regardless of how they fare vs Cloud9, its hard to believe there is any chance that the Soniqs will lose to Flight. As much credit as Flight and Memory deserve for being able to not go winless, the win did come vs eUnited, who themselves looks to be in dire straights. Flight needs to take games off Soniqs, as another sweep would lower their game differential to the point that even beating Rogue in week eight mightn’t save them from 10th. However, that shouldn’t get in the way that this is Susquehanna’s series to lose.

Ghost Gaming (4-3) vs Cloud9 (2-4)

A matchup that until recently was literally perfect for Cloud9, even in their miserable season eight run they swept Ghost Gaming. However with mist Ghost ended the streak in a pre-season Astronauts cup. Predicting how this match goes really depends on how Cloud9’s date sith the Soniqs goes well. If C9 is able to best Susquehanna, it’s really hard to see how Ghost can topple them. Although the caveat is that Ghost is talented and should they click like vs G2, who can’t they beat. The caveat to that however is despite beating G2, it doesn’t undo they’ve made a habit of losing games they should really win, just like how Cloud9 beating NRG doesn’t undo the rest of their miserable season nine this far. Therefore this is a really weird match to evaluate, with confidence in either side not particularly high.

Pittsburgh Knights (2-5) vs eUnited (2-5)

Unexpectedly, two of last season’s world championship participants clash in what is probably a relegation battle. The similarities don’t end there, both sides went 0-3 last weekend, both having one loss, in particular, that would classify as embarrassing, as they recover from losses to Flight & Rogue respectively. Now the smart money should be on PK, but eUnited has never been a simple matchup for them, Knights were forced to reverse sweep The then Birds last season en route to NA finals. Players like Retals have expressed displeasure at playing eUnited due t an unorthodox playstyle in the modern game. Therefore this match is far from an easy bet but regardless, the smart money is still on Pittsburgh Knights.

NRG Esports (5-2) vs G2 Esports (5-1)

The clash between G2 & NRG is always a highly anticipated one, and with these specific rosters, is one that favors G2, victories over NRG at Rocket League Summit & Dreamhack Montreal, but in RLCS last season, NRG crushed them 3-0. Now with NRG still very good but not world champion good following a 3-0 loss to Cloud9, and G2 good but not stellar after a 3-1 loss to Ghost, the loser of this match will find themselves with two consecutive losses to their name, and effectively out of the conversation for top two. This is another matchup with a lot of uncertainty, as who knows what form both sides are at going, which in all honestly, might make this the most interesting match between two of Rocket League’s most iconic names yet.


Dignitas (6-1) vs Endpoint (2-4)

With a second win of the season under their belt, Endpoint have gained some momentum as they look to survive their final games of the season. Their first series of the day certainly isn’t an easy one as they take on a Dignitas side who, until their reverse sweep defeat at the hands of Vitality on Monday, had dominated every team they came up against. Against the top sides in the league, Endpoint have shown signs of promise but with four defeats already, they’ll need to put in a shift to come away with a result.

Reciprocity (4-3) vs TSM (1-6)

Many would have questioned your sanity if you had predicted Reciprocity to be dangerously close to a neutral record. Regardless, here we are, as the French side face a battle to secure a spot in the top six. Coming up against a TSM side who have disappointed time and time again this season, this is REC’s chance to put themselves in a strong position to claim a high seed in time for the regional championship.

Team Singularity (2-5) vs Endpoint (2-4)

In what could end up being the game that decides seventh place, Singularity and Endpoint go head to head in a crucial matchup. Endpoint come into this series having already warmed up against a strong Dignitas side, but this is Singularity’s first game of the day. With so much on the line for both teams, this game looks set to be a thriller.

Veloce Esports (5-2) vs Dignitas (5-1)

Veloce have surprised once again this season, with their only losses being a close series against FC Barcelona and a defeat to an incredible mousesports side. This could very well be their third loss of the season, as they face a strong Dignitas side who will most likely be heading into the series off the back of a win over Endpoint. This series should be the battle of a strong offence versus a tight defence as Dignitas look to edge their way past their opponents.

FC Barcelona (4-2) vs AS Monaco (0-7)

With four wins from six already, FC Barcelona have a huge chance at boosting their top-two hopes against an AS Monaco side still yet to find an RLCS win. Despite some occasional flashes of brilliance, Monaco have had a poor showing this season and are desperately struggling to escape the auto-relegation spot. With their important series against Singularity waiting for them afterwards, this could be their final chance to salvage their season.

Renault Vitality (6-1) vs mousesports (4-2)

Despite having lost two matches already this season, mousesports impressed thoroughly last weekend with a huge win over Veloce Esports. With momentum secured heading into their final three matches, they’ve got a tall order ahead if they want to finish league play with a bye to the playoff semi-finals secured. Vitality looked sharp as they reverse swept Dignitas on Monday and are set to take home one of the top spots, with just an upset loss against Singularity ruining their perfect record this season.




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