The wait is over, we have an official announcement for RLCS Season 10, and we can't wait.

13:23, 02 Jul 2020

RLCS Season 10 (RLCS X) has been announced, starting August 1st.

After being put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, Psyonix has now decided that the worlds best will be competing again in the near future. Announced on Rocket League Esports' official twitter page, the long wait for an announcement is over, and we can begin to look forward to a detrimental season in Rocket League's short history.

Here's what we know so far:

The Format

It was recently announced that the RLCS was changing to a major/minor format, moving away from the basic round-robin league format. With that, there will be just one World Championship per year. Psyonix has now lifted the lid on that, confirming the new structure of RLCS.

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The format will be broken up into three sub-seasons, or splits, in Fall, Winter and Spring. Within each split comes three standalone regional events for both NA and EU, meaning we will have nine minor events per region in one year, 18 combined. At the end of each split, after the three minors are over, we will have one Major, which will feature the teams with the highest RLCS points that have been earnt from the minors. Every event will award points that will determine team teams who will play in the Rocket League World Championships come May next year. 

World Championships

The worlds will consist of 16 teams across EU, NA, OCE and SAM. The top six teams from NA & EU will join the top two teams from OCE and SAM. 

Prize pools

Each minor will have a $100,000 prize pool per event.

Each major will have a $250,000 prize pool per event.

The World Championships will have a prize pool of $1,000,000, taking the total amount on prize money in RLCS X to $4,500,000.

The Fall Split

Each split will have its own format. due to the current climate, the whole of the Fall Split will be played online. The Fall split will have 32 teams from each region, with 10 teams who earned RLCS status at the end of Season 9 gaining automatic qualification. The others will be determined through Open Qualifiers. The sides that would have been competing in RLRS will be seeded into Day three of open qualifiers.

The 32 qualified teams will be split into two groups of 16 where they will compete in a Swiss format bracket, and the top eight from each group will form a final 16 group, again in the Swiss bracket. The top eight teams will move onto a single-elimination bracket for a crack at the $100,000 prize pools and the vital RLCS points.

Teams can sign up for the Open Qualifiers through Battlefy.

SAM, OCE & Asia

The format for the smaller regions has not yet been determined, however, they are working on a way of creating SAM and OCE dedicated circuits as an official pathway to the Majors and World Championships. The Asian region has seemingly missed out with no information for the future of Asian RL.


It has also been rumoured that DreamHack will be taking over the production of the RLCS, which will feature many more LAN tournaments, such as they did in the Spring Series. DreamHack have gifted Rocket League esports some of the best LAN competitions to date and certainly offer a promising future for RLCS.

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