Just two weeks left in the season means that we’re starting to get a better idea of where the teams stack up, with Johnnyboi_i’s European Invitational giving us even more results to compare.

21:22, 13 Mar 2020

With each team in the EU RLCS having played up to five matches over the last week, it’s time for this week’s GGRecon Power Rankings. Just two weeks left in the season means that we’re starting to get a better idea of where the teams stack up, with Johnnyboi_i’s European Invitational giving us even more results to compare.

The GGRecon Power Rankings Committee:

#10 - AS Monaco (+0) - Tigree / EyeIgnite / Extra (0-7)

It really isn’t looking good for Monaco, is it? A win over TSM in TEI was their first competitive victory since being promoted last year, and they still didn’t make it into the playoffs after throwing away a 2-1 lead against Notorious Legion Esports. With another tough matchup against FC Barcelona this weekend, Monaco’s final week fixture against Singularity is looking increasingly crucial as they look to escape tenth place in the table.

#9 - TSM (+0) - remkoe / Metsanauris / Mognus (1-6)

To put it lightly, TSM have had an interesting week. After an abysmal performance against an equally-poor Singularity side, TSM came out against mousesports with all guns blazing. Some incredible displays of mechanics from Mognus turned back the clock, but it still wasn’t enough as mouz edged their way to a 3-1 victory. Monday’s performance followed on from the SNG series, as they were utterly dismantled by an Endpoint side who conceded just one goal. Another game-five series against Dignitas was all-too-similar to the mouz series, as TSM came close to a huge upset. Overall, while there are still some positives, TSM still have a long way to go if they want to avoid the promotion tournament.

#8 - Team Singularity (+0) - Godsmilla / ThO. / noly (2-5)

After Sunday’s poor showing against TSM saw them barely edge out a victory, Singularity had no business taking FC Barcelona, one of the league’s strongest sides, to five games. They did it anyway, with a performance that could have beaten TSM far more thoroughly just one day prior. With crucial matches against Endpoint and Monaco coming up, Singularity still have a battle to fight if they want to avoid the drop next weekend.

#7 - Endpoint (+0) - Virtuoso / RelatingWave / Nachitow (2-4)

Coming away from the weekend with a win and a loss, Endpoint have continued their run of beating the teams ranked lower than them and losing to those ranked higher. A win over Barca put the British org into the European Invitational playoffs, and with a series against Singularity this weekend, this is Endpoint’s time to prove that they’re here to stay in the RLCS.

#6 - Reciprocity (-1) - Ferra / Chaussette45 / fruity (4-3)

Last season’s regional champions continue their descent down the European ladder despite picking up two wins from their three matches. Their struggles against most of the teams ranked above them has led to their current predicament, but there’s still time for the French side to pull things together. Their matchup against TSM this weekend is a perfect opportunity for the Valencia champions to find their form before the all-important regional championship.

#5 - Veloce Esports (-1) - FlamE / Freakii / Kassio (5-2)

Being swept by mousesports has certainly dampened Veloce’s stellar form this season, as they were handed their first defeat since week one. Veloce have also saved their toughest two matches until the end of the season, with Vitality and Dignitas waiting to take down last season’s quarter-finalists.

Flame Veloce

#4 - FC Barcelona (-1) - Deevo / Ronaky / Flakes (4-2)

With a close loss to Dignitas and a close win over Singularity over the weekend, FC Barcelona haven’t made things easy for themselves on their quest for a top-two finish in League Play. Despite their close series against SNG, they’ve got a chance to secure some momentum with matches against the struggling Monaco and TSM coming up, and they’ll be looking to take another couple of wins from their final three matches.

#3 - mousesports (+3) - kuxir97 / Speed / Scrub Killa (4-2)

With a huge win over Veloce on Monday being accompanied by a strong performance over a resurgent TSM side, mousesports have secured a huge jump in the rankings. Although they were knocked out of the European Invitational on game differential, Scrub and co. have secured some momentum heading into a crucial matchup against Vitality this weekend.

#2 - Dignitas (-1) - ViolentPanda / Yukeo / AztraL (5-1)

They were looking so good! Two games into their series against Vitality, Dignitas were flying high and looking set to continue their perfect season. However, they ended up being reverse swept and will have to continue to battle for a top-two spot. After squeezing into the European Invitational playoffs with a tight win over TSM, Dignitas are still in a position to win big over the next couple of weeks.

#1 - Renault Vitality (+1) - Fairy Peak / Kaydop / Alpha54 (6-1)

Stealing the top spot after reverse sweeping Dignitas on Monday, Fairy Peak has led his Frenchmen to a huge win late on in the season as Vitality look to reclaim their European regional title from Reciprocity. A defeat to a strong Sandrock Gaming side knocked them out of the European Invitational, but they’ll be looking to rectify that defeat in an important tie against mousesports this weekend.

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