Another exciting Sunday full of shocks and surprises, here's everything you need to know about Week 2 of RLCS League Play

19:00, 18 Feb 2020

After another exciting weekend of European Rocket League action, we’re back with another recap. Here’s everything that happened on Sunday evening.

FC Barcelona 3-0 Endpoint

After a shaky victory against Veloce last week, Barcelona started to show why they had brought in Flakes at the start of the season with a dominant sweep over Endpoint. Following a close game one victory in FCB’s favour (after a lengthy five-minute overtime), the Catalonians turned on the heat as they conceded just one goal in the subsequent two games to take the series 3-0. Endpoint looked nothing like the side who gave Vitality a run for their money as they struggled to create any meaningful offensive chances.

TSM 1-3 Veloce Esports

After a promising Week 1 outing against Dignitas, TSM looked like shadows of their former selves as they slumped to a disappointing defeat against a Veloce side who really didn’t play all that better. Both sides were more than willing to wait for the other to make a mistake, and after taking the first game 1-0 TSM simply couldn’t find those mistakes as they failed to score a second goal for the rest of the series. Despite taking the series, Veloce still has plenty to work on after an equally-shaky performance in which they were unable to put in any noteworthy goals.

Renault Vitality 2-3 Team Singularity

Wow. What a series. If the previous one had been one to sleep through, Vitality’s shocking defeat at the hands of Singularity was certainly one to stay awake for. Despite taking the second and fourth games by two-goal margins, the Frenchmen were unable to win any of the matchup’s three overtimes. As the deciding final OT kicked off, Godsmilla pulled off the unthinkable, striking a flip reset straight into Vitality’s backboard before slamming Kaydop into the rebound. With an unbelievable play to finish the series, Singularity pulled off the upset of the season after a solid series overall from both sides.

AS Monaco 1-3 Dignitas

AS Monaco made their opponents fearful of an upset once again after taking the first game’s overtime against Dignitas. However, much like mousesports last week, Dignitas was able to bring the series back by winning the following three games, including game three’s 5-0 victory. It was a strikingly similar performance from Monaco compared to their match last week, as they came so close to matching the speed of one of the region’s top teams. However, if they want to pick up a victory against any of the top four sides they still have some way to go.

Reciprocity 3-1 mousesports

The final series of the day saw the first matchup between two of last season’s World Championship sides as Reciprocity and mouz faced off. In a tight affair where neither side was able to truly dominate possession, Reciprocity edged their way to a win thanks to a game four overtime winner from Ferra. This was a crucial victory for the French side that could have huge ramifications for both teams come to the end of the season, with Reciprocity establishing themselves as early favourites for a top-two finish and a guaranteed spot in Dallas.



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