With League Play done and dusted and the Regional Championship on the horizon, it’s time for the latest edition of the GGRecon Power Rankings.

09:00, 29 Mar 2020

With League Play done and dusted and the Regional Championship on the horizon, it’s time for the latest edition of the GGRecon Power Rankings.

The GGRecon Power Rankings Committee:

  • Ben “notblondemonkey” Hurst - /r/RocketLeagueEsports mod and writer for GGRecon, The Players’ Lobby, GinxTV and others
  • John_aka_Alwayz - /r/RocketLeagueEsports mod and writer for GGRecon and Octane
  • Sly - RLCS Statistician and lead writer for Octane
  • Jake - Head of Operations for GGRecon

#10 - AS Monaco Esports (+0) - Tigreee / EyeIgnite / Extra (0-9)

The first team to lost all nine RLCS matchups in a season, Monaco were sent down to the Rival Series with a whimper after a disappointing finish to their season against Singularity. With an offseason to rebuild and take on Rocket League’s second tier, Monaco will need to come back stronger if they fancy returning to the RLCS.

#9 - TSM (+0) - remkoe / Metsanauris / Mognus (2-7)

They won a series? Against a top six team? Who would’ve thought it was possible! With a win over FC Barcelona to round out their League Play run, TSM have finally picked up some momentum ahead of the crucial Promotion Tournament in two weeks time. Although they were shocking for much of the season, their win offered a small glimpse at what could have been as TSM found their form.

#8 - Endpoint - Virtuoso / RelatingWave / Nachitow (2-7)

Oh what could have been. Endpoint finished their season with a defeat to mousesports, capping off a slightly disappointing season for the squad, due to the close nature of many of their losses. With the Promotion Tournament up ahead, Endpoint are certainly looking like keeping their spot in the RLCS heading into next season.

#7 - Team Singularity - Godsmilla / ThO. / noly (4-5)

Ending their season with their first non-game-five-overtime win over Monaco, Singularity have improved massively throughout their League Play fixtures. With no Promotion Tournament to worry about and a European Invitational win under their belts, SNG can rest easy heading into the offseason.

RLCS Season 9

#5= - Veloce Esports (+0) - FlamE / Freakii / Kassio (5-4)

Finishing up with a loss against Vitality, Veloce Esports head into their Regional Championship matchup against Barcelona off of three losses in a row, putting a dampener on what was a strong season for the British organisation. With a tough bracket ahead of them, they’ll need to be at their best if they’re to sneak into the top four.

#5= - FC Barcelona (-1) - Deevo / Ronaky / Flakes (5-4)

It as a dismal final week for FC Barcelona as they lost to both a Scrub-less mousesports and a poor TSM side. With their top-four seed thrown out of the window, the Catalonians will need to make a heroic lower-bracket run if they’re to secure a top-four finish and an invite to the Spring Series.

#4 - mousesports (-1) - kuxir97 / Speed / arju (6-3)

mousesports certainly looked scrubless as they took both of their matchups on substitute arju’s RLCS debut. kuxir’s compatriot looked confident on the field as he helped mouz to wins over Endpoint and FC Barcelona, with their wins earning them a top-four seed heading into the Regional Championship.

#3 - Reciprocity (+3) - Ferra / Chaussette / Fruity< (6-3)

What a statement to make in their final League Play fixture! After their soon-to-be departure from their organisation was announced, REC took on a strong Dignitas side and came out on top, handing ViolentPanda’s side their second defeat of the season and pushing his side into the top four.

#2 - Dignitas (+0) - ViolentPanda / Yukeo / AztraL (7-2)

With a loss against a resurgent Reciprocity side being a poor finish to Dignitas’ League Play, they’ll need to return to their best if they want to take down Vitality in the Regional Championship, with their passing plays having gone a little quiet throughout the last couple of weeks. Regardless, the fabled trio certainly have it in them to return to the top of the standings once the action is all done.

#1 - Renault Vitality (+0) - Fairy Peak / Kaydop / Alpha54 (8-1)

Their loss against Singularity seems like aeons ago as Vitality held their #1 seed with a win over Veloce Esports. Their dominant offence has helped them dismantle most of the other European RLCS teams as they look to reclaim the European Regional crown. With the top seed secured, the stage is set for the Frenchmen to prove that replacing Scrub was the right move after all.



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