RLCS S9 EU Power Rankings: Week 3

19:00, 27 Feb 2020

Another week of the RLCS has come and gone, with all ten teams starting to find their place in the league table. Welcome back to the GGRecon EU Power Rankings, where we’ll be stacking up the European teams after three weeks of League Play.

The GGRecon Power Rankings Committee:

#10 - TSM (+0) - remkoe / Metsanauris / Mognus

Remember what I said about TSM last week? Good, because absolutely nothing has changed. In fact, here’s what I said last week since there isn’t anything new to talk about:

Oh dear. After a promising first outing against Dignitas, the TSM fan in me was starting to become optimistic about this season. Maybe they’d continue to challenge the best teams in Europe and make a push for LAN! But alas, my optimism had surpassed me. Last Sunday was nothing short of woeful for the American organisation. Against an improving Vitality side, even Metsanauris’ 4WD couldn’t secure any offensive pressure as TSM sat back, played passively and scored five goals in four games. It’s not hopeless for the ELEAGUE champions, but they definitely have a lot to work on if they want to end up anywhere near a World Championship not being relegated spot this season.

#9 - AS Monaco (-1) - Tigreee / EyeIgnite / Extra

Another disappointing outing for AS Monaco saw them dominated by an Endpoint side who had been struggling for much of the season so far. Despite a promising start to the season after close defeats to two of Europe’s best teams, the Monaco hype train appears to have run out of steam just three weeks into the season. With softer matchups against TSM and Veloce in the next couple of weeks, they’ll need to start picking up wins or they’ll be staring relegation in the face before long.

#7= - Endpoint (+2) - Virtuoso / RelatingWave / Nachitow

Picking up a huge win over Monaco has sent Endpoint up two spots in the rankings. Their first win of the season was a huge contrast to their poor showing against FC Barcelona in their previous series, as their hot-headed demo-heavy playstyle struck again and earned them a comfortable sweep over a previously-promising looking Monaco side. With an important mid-table battle against Veloce coming up, Endpoint will be looking to build off of their current momentum and even out their win-loss record.

#7=- Singularity (+0) - Godsmilla / ThO. / noly

With an incredible win over Vitality already secured, Singularity walk away from their tough opening three weeks with a respectable 1-3 record. Although their performances against Dignitas and mousesports weren’t anything to write home about, Singularity fans can breathe a sigh of relief as their remaining six matches are where they should start picking up some more wins.

#6 - Veloce Esports (+0) - FlamE / Freakii / Kassio

Ah yes, the team with the magical ability to make their opponents completely crumble before our very eyes. They’ve done it again, taking down Reciprocity in a five-game series. Their playstyle of “wait for mistakes and punish them” has served them well for the last year as they reached the quarter-finals of the World Championship and, if they’re able to defend solidly as they did on Sunday, they’ll be going for another LAN spot once the regular season is over.

#5 - FC Barcelona (+0) - Deevo / Ronaky / Flakes

Last week, many were perplexed by the committee’s decision to rank FCB lower than Renault Vitality after a strong series against Endpoint. However, Barca showed on Sunday that they weren’t quite up to Singularity’s task of taking down the French titans. Despite showing a lot of fight, with Ronaky in particular standing out for Barcelona, they couldn’t quite push the series to a fifth game as they suffered their first defeat of the season. With another tough series against a recent upset victim in Reciprocity coming up, this is FCB’s second chance to prove that they can compete with Europe’s top four.

Deevo FCB

#4 - mousesports (-1) - kuxir97 / Speed / Scrub Killa

Although they won against Singularity, mousesports fall to fourth place due to Vitality’s strong showing against TSM. With wins against a rather lacklustre pairing of Monaco and Singularity under their belts, mousesports are yet to prove that they can overcome the big-name hurdles that prevented them from going to Madrid last season. That could all change with a matchup against Dignitas this weekend, where they’ll be looking to move back into the automatic LAN spots.

#3 - Renault Vitality (+1) - Fairy Peak / Kaydop / Alpha54

After two shay weeks for Vitality, it seems like Alpha54 has finally found his footing in the fearsome French side. He took control of their series against TSM on Sunday, scoring many of Vitality’s goals and proving his worth to many who had doubted him after he struggled to find his place in the French powerhouse against Endpoint and Singularity. With Alpha popping off, Vitality fans have a lot to be excited about as their side look to continue their strong start against a stumbling Monaco.

#2 - Reciprocity (-1) - Ferra / Chaussette45 / fruity

Reciprocity have been knocked off of their perch atop of the rankings this time around, as their loss to Veloce left many wondering where it had all gone wrong for the DreamHack Valencia champions. There’s not much to be looking forward to for REC fans either, with a tough matchup coming up against an FC Barcelona side also looking to return to winning ways. It’s a series that they should be firm favourites to win, but a loss there would completely derail the Reciprocity train.

#1 - Dignitas (+1) - ViolentPanda / Yukeo / AztraL

Who else could it be but Dignitas? The only team yet to lose a series have found their way to the top of the rankings thanks to another strong performance, this time against Singularity. Having placed themselves finely as they look to secure a top-two spot and qualify for LAN, Dignitas have three tough matches ahead of them, as they face off against mousesports, FC Barcelona and Vitality. These matches will likely determine where they end up at the end of League Play as ViolentPanda’s side chase another World Championship appearance.


Here’s how the committee came to these rankings:

RLCS EU Power Rankings

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