Join us as we go through the ten European teams and how they stack up after two weeks of League Play.

19:00, 20 Feb 2020

Before this weekend’s third round of matches, we’re back for another set of RLCS EU Power Rankings. Join us as we go through the ten European teams and how they stack up after two weeks of League Play.

The GGRecon Power Rankings Committee:

#10= - TSM (-2) - remkoe / Metsanauris / Mognus

Oh dear. After a promising first outing against Dignitas, the TSM fan in me was starting to become optimistic about this season. Maybe they’d continue to challenge the best teams in Europe and make a push for LAN! But alas, my optimism had surpassed me. Last Sunday was nothing short of woeful for the American organisation. Against a rather weak-looking Veloce side, even Metsanauris’ 4WD couldn’t secure any offensive pressure as TSM sat back, played passively and scored one goal in four games. It’s not hopeless for the ELEAGUE champions, but they definitely have a lot to work on if they want to end up anywhere near a World Championship spot this season.

#10= - Endpoint (-2) - Virtuoso / RelatingWave / Nachitow

Another side unable to build on a promising Week 1 performance, Endpoint looked discombobulated when they faced off against FC Barcelona on Sunday. With Virtuoso being the only player to get himself on the scoreboard, the British side found themselves unable to create the offensive pressure that helped them compete with Vitality in their RLCS debut. With an all-important series against AS Monaco this weekend, Endpoint will need to produce a performance far better than what they showed against FCB.

#8 - AS Monaco (-2) - Tigreee / EyeIgnite / Extra

After a tough first two weeks, AS Monaco find themselves near the bottom of the power rankings after another close loss, this time losing to Dignitas. Despite their lowly placement, Monaco fans have a promising few weeks ahead of them with, with three of their next four matches being against teams in the bottom five. As long as Extra can live up to his performances so far, expect to see Monaco with a positive record before long.

#7 - Team Singularity (+3) - Godsmilla / ThO. / noly

Not bad, huh. After pulling off the unthinkable upset against the World Championship runners-up, Singularity finds itself outside of the relegation zone and up by three spots in our power rankings. With a promising performances against one of the best teams in the world, the Danish organisation has proven that they can hang with the big boys. An impressive win has set them up for a season to remember and, with matches against Veloce and TSM coming up, they’ve got a huge chance to push ahead of their relegation rivals early on in the season.

#6 - Veloce Esports (+1) - FlamE / Freakii. / Kassio

Veloce one-upped their game-five loss to FC Barcelona in their first series with a win against a struggling TSM side. However, despite the win, it often looked like it was simply a case of Veloce being the least bad out of the two teams, with most of their goals coming from TSM errors as they scored just five goals across the four games. With such a low-scoring series, Veloce still has some work to do if they’re to avoid the drop at the end of League Play, but with matches against Singularity and Endpoint coming up (after a tough series against Reciprocity this weekend), they’ve got a great chance to get back ahead of their rivals.

#5 - FC Barcelona (+0) - Deevo / Ronaky / Flakes

FC Barcelona carried on the momentum from their week one victory with a dominant sweep over a disappointing Endpoint side. Barca looked strong, with Flakes, in particular, impressing again after a strong debut against Veloce. There was no mid-series shakiness this time around as FCB cruised to victory after a long first-game overtime, and they’ll be looking to carry on winning against a shaky Vitality side on Sunday.

Deevo FCB

#4 - Renault Vitality (-3) - Fairy Peak / Kaydop / Alpha

Well, well, well. Another week, another - wait no. That’s not what happened. In what should have been a routine victory over Singularity, the team strongly considered to be the worst in the league, Renault Vitality proved my fourth-placed ranking from last week correct by falling to a shocking first defeat of the season. It really looks like Alpha hasn’t quite found his place in the team yet, averaging the lowest score in both of Vitality’s matches so far. With another set of lighter series’ against TSM and FC Barcelona this weekend, Vitality needs to get back on track before their LAN spot becomes jeopardised.

#3 - mousesports (+1) - kuxir97 / Speed / Scrub Killa

Despite taking a loss to Reciprocity, mousesports move up by one spot thanks to Vitality’s aforementioned mishap. With a close defeat to one of Europe’s best, mousesports can head into their next series, against Singularity, with confidence as they look to return to winning ways. New signing Scrub seems to be settling in swimmingly and soon, assuming they carry on playing the way they have been, mouz should be Dallas-bound.

Speed Mousesports

#2 - Dignitas (+0) - ViolentPanda / Yukeo / AztraL

With a solid victory against AS Monaco under their belts, Dignitas head into the third round of matches with a 2-0 record thanks to some solid Rocket League from all three players. DIG fans can be proud of a strong performance which included a 5-0 rout in the third game, killing off any momentum Monaco could’ve had leading into the latter stages of the series before the win was secured in the fourth game. Dignitas also have a matchup with Singularity on Sunday and they’ll be looking to advance to make it three from three early on in the season.

#1 - Reciprocity (+1) - Ferra / Chausette45 / fruity

Well, here it is. After Vitality’s misstep, Reciprocity has taken their number one spot thanks to a victory in the first matchup between Europe’s top four teams. With a win over mousesports pushing the Frenchmen to a clean 2-0 record, they can be confident heading into the next three weeks. In fact, their next three matchups, against Veloce, FC Barcelona and Endpoint, should leave them on a 5-0 record, with a spot in Dallas all but secured just over halfway through the season.


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