The League of Legends Worlds 2020 song, Take Over, has been remixed and released by Riot Games.

13:12, 15 Oct 2020

The League of Legends World Championships 2020 are in full swing, and Riot Games has pushed the limits of production to a new level despite the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic. With a brand-spanking arena at the Shanghai Media Tech Studio being the platform for champions to excel, Riot has also taken to their relationship with music to a new level.

The official Worlds anthem, Take Over, brought together rock and pop to articulate the baton being passed down by Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok, arguably the best League of Legends player ever who's T1 side didn't qualify. As of writing, the song sits north on 18 million views on YouTube.

Now, Riot Games has released a remix of the hit, with the aforementioned Faker watching the championships on his phone from his own comforts. The remix is made by French artist "ford." which takes up a much more mellow tone with more focus on the acoustics and echoes. This comes as one of the final releases of official music before the World Championship Grand Final, which is to be played at the Pudong Stadium in Shanghai in front of a rumoured 6,000 people. 

With a ceremony expected prior to the game, we may yet to see more performances akin to the Imagine Dragons performance of 2014 or the 2017 Legends Never Die CGI Dragon show. K/DA's latest addition in Seraphine could coincide with yet another jaw-dropping performance prior to the biggest game of the calendar year. The popular band made by Riot Games recently released a new single called "The Baddest" and Seraphine is set to enter Summoners rift before the end of the Worlds 2020.

Either way, Riot continue to keep their fans entertained with their groundbreaking visuals and incredible music production. 


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Image via Riot Games

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