League of Legends developers, Riot Games, have made a video on how to understand the Worlds 2020.

09:17, 18 Sep 2020

League of Legends World Championships 2020 is finally here. The biggest esports event of the year captures millions of viewers worldwide, and as we prepare for the first match in just under a weeks time, Riot Games has released a video which will help fans understand how Worlds work, and what to look out for.

Alongside the Worlds 2020 theme song "Take Over", Riot released two videos that will help fans understand how the format of the tournament works and the basics of the gameplay. The videos are perfect for anyone looking to step into League of Legends for the first time, encouraging new fans and players.

The video on gameplay discusses all the basics, such as the game being five versus five, how there are three lanes across summoners rift, and how to tell who is winning. With many different points of view to be keeping on top of, the gameplay can look frantic and difficult, however, analysing the basics will make you understand what is going on.

As for Worlds, their second video describes just how monumental the LOL Championships are. Played all over the world and streamed to millions of fans, LOL Worlds unites the best teams across the globe, as they fight for national pride and the Worlds 2020 trophy. Dubbed as one of the biggest events in sports, let alone esports, the World Championships are a must-see event, even if you only tune into the Grand Final.

Come October 31, have your popcorn at the ready, as the best two teams on the globe will have progressed through the championship to face off in a fierce best of five, with the winner getting their hands on the trophy.

Reigning champions, FunPlus Phoenix failed to qualify this year, leaving the likes of 2019 runners up G2 Esports up there as favourites. The Worlds kicks off with the Play-in stage on September 25.


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Image via Riot Games

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