Could the new agent be the data-mined Joule?

18:10, 29 May 2020

Riot Games have teased the announcement of a new hero. In a video posted to their Brazilian Twitter account which was later retweeted by the main account, the end sequence shows a presumably female character holding an assault rifle. The character is clearly none of the 10 agents that VALORANT had shown in the beta and the implication appears to be that the game looks to launch its first new agent with the game's launch on June 2nd.

The main Twitter account also changed its header revealing further teases featuring the new character. 


With long violet hair, spiky pendants and hoop earrings, the agent's theme would align with images of abilities which were data-mined a while ago. You can find more information about the contents of the data here. It is currently unknown whether or not the new character will be a new agent and whether or not it will be included for the official launch on June 2nd.

GGRecon will update as more is revealed about the character.

Images via Riot Games & PlayerIGN.

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