Riders Republic Reveals Massive Year 1 Roadmap

Riders Republic Reveals Massive Year 1 Roadmap

Written by 

Mel Ramsay


7th Oct 2021 15:57

Ubisoft has revealed the full roadmap for the first year of Riders Republic, including an explanation of the 'four seasons' of the game, as well as what free content players can get their hands on. 

Riders Republic - What Are The Four Seasons?

Riders Republic starts with a Pre-Season event, leading into Winter, then a multiplayer mode, and the final season introducing BMX-dedicated arenas.

Ubisoft released the full breakdown of each season, each with a unique theme.

  • Grand Opening Pre-Season - "Players are invited to the Riders Republic launch celebration to play several multiplayer modes – Mass Race, Tricks Battle, Free for All and Versus – and unlock exclusive rewards through weekly challenges. Year 1 Pass owners will be able to explore the map with 2 pairs of Exotic Kits: The Rocket Bike and the Rocket Skis. Those new toys will allow players to revisit the game at high speed and create their own journey & stunts."
  • Season One - Winter - "The Winter Bash will introduce a seasonal progression where players can unlock content & reward by participating in time-limited multiplayer experiences, events and special activities. Additionally, Year 1 Pass owners will get access to additional exotic kits coming with exclusive skin & content as well as an exclusive legendary cosmetic bundle to ride with style."
  • Season Two - Showdown - "It’s Showdown time with the addition of the epic Showdown Multiplayer Mode, an explosive 6v6 confrontation played in wild arenas. Players will jump into arenas with their team to collect and bank more gems than the opposite team. Year 1 Pass owners will get ace additional exotic kits coming with exclusive skin & content."
  • Season Three - BMX - "This will bring the BMX Sport Add-on to the Republic alongside BMX dedicated arenas as well as fresh playgrounds and events to discover. Exclusively for Year 1 Pass owners, the BMX Season will also bring the brand-new BMX career with new sponsors and events, as well as a legendary cosmetic bundle."

Riders Republic Free Content - What Do Players Get?

If you pre-order the game, Ubisoft says that you'll get a free 'Bunny Pack'. This includes a bunny outfit, a spare blue bunny head (because you can't have enough bunnies), and a rainbow snowboard print.

Plus if you fancy, you can buy a Year 1 Pass, which will automatically give you access to the Rocket Skis and Rocket Bike exotic kits and 7-day early access to all other exotic kits and the BMX sports add-on.

Riders Republic - When Does It Launch?

Riders Republic aunches on October 28 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, as well as Windows PC through the Ubisoft Store and the Epic Games Store.


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