Apex Legends is removing one tree because it is causing problems on the Kings Canyon map.

11:53, 14 Sep 2020

Respawn Entertainment is heading into Apex Legends with a chainsaw and pulling a singular tree from the Kings Canyon map. While there have been a fair few glitches that are annoying players in Apex Legends, it turns out a lone tree is proving to be one of the biggest niggles right now.

Forget that the DUMMIE's Big Day and Kings Canyon After Dark limited-time modes are causing Apex to crash, that's apparently nothing when compared to a rogue tree. As the OG map, there's been a lot of love for Kings Canyon, however, as the game has evolved, there have been growing calls to remove the tree. More than the loss of Skulltown, players are up in arms that this tricky tree is causing trouble in Apex Legends.  

Respawn devs please remove this tree. This tree has caused so many tragedies its not even funny. from r/apexlegends

Posting on Reddit, u/kolkoin shared their experience with the tree in a thread titled, "Respawn devs please remove this tree. This tree has caused so many tragedies it's not even funny". The problem is the tree's placement near a wall, meaning if players are too close, they can't retreat from enemy fire because they get wedged between the tree. Heading to the southwest corner of the map and the new "Salvage" POI and you'll find the tree in all its glory.

The tree caught the attention of Respawn dev RSPN_Absurdist, who promised, "It will be done". There's no timeframe on when it will be done, but as it stands, it looks like the tree isn't long for this world. They went on to thank u/kolkoin for pointing out these "pain points" and encouraged other fans to do the same.

Kings Canyon Apex Legends

As you can imagine, this in-game deforestation has caused a fair bit of controversy. There have been calls for the tree be left alone or simply moved. One disgruntled player wrote, "1 tree removed = 1 tiny Crypto nerf since on [King's Canyon] trees are Crypto's beat [sic] friend as enemies have a really hard time seeing the drone". Another added, "You don't have to remove the tree, just relocate it further away from the wall. #saveTheTree #saveALife". A third joked, "OP would like to talk to the Branch Manager at Respawn". 

The tree puns came thick and fast, and while one even suggested its stump be left as a reminder, the tree is destined for the chop. How long will it be before we see Rampart, Caustic, or Pathfinder chained to the tree in protest?

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