Apex Legends developers have hit back at the community after a Reddit user claimed he was unfairly banned for killing LuluLuvely.

11:10, 23 Oct 2020

Respawn Entertainment, developers of Apex Legends, has taken a bold stand against the community today after they responded to a Reddit thread through their official Twitter account.

The Reddit thread was created by u/KongoBoom, where the user claimed that his account was mistakenly banned because he was matched with a cheating Gibraltar. The thread amassed 27,000 upvotes after he claimed that the reason he was branded as a cheater was that he killed NRG's Lindsey "LuluLuvely" and her entire squad. 

Respawn's tweet stated that "Regarding today's Reddit thread from a banned Bloodhound player: Bloodhound appeared to have multiple other banned accounts, Bloodhound has a history of attempting to evade bans, Bloodhound was partied with the cheating Gibraltar". They then simply added, "We stand by the ban".

The thread has since become locked an edited significantly to by the user to support the streamer who received a lot of backlash from Apex players. KongoBoom initially claimed that their teammate was the one hacking and subsequently he should have been able to continue playing on his account. LuluLuvely's submitted clip of the cheater did incriminate Gibraltar, and Respawn found the Bloodhound to have been in collusion with the hacker, hence the ban.

For the popular streamer, she faced 12 hours of "borderline death threats" from the Apex Legends community and spoke out through her own channels on the matter at hand. After stating "shame on those who sent borderline death threats to me because of a Reddit post from the guy claiming he was innocent. I hope you find peace in your life and stay off the internet", she added "and lastly some of y'all really need to go to therapy if you're going to show THAT much hatred, harassment and misogyny over this".


The community have now begun to get behind the streamer who was found to do nothing wrong, simply report a hacker, with other huge streamers such as Jack "CouRage" Dunlop and Team SoloMid's Ali "Myth" Kabbani jumping to her defence.


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Image via Team Liquid | Respawn Entertainment 

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