Resident Evil Village Is Even Scarier With PS1 Demake

Resident Evil Village Is Even Scarier With PS1 Demake

Written by 

Tom Chapman


16th May 2021 19:31

The year is 1996, you tool up as S.T.A.R.S. agents Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, step inside the Spencer Mansion for the first time, and are immediately greeted by the iconic "You Died" when a zombie takes a chunk out of you. These were simpler times, as Capcom's zombie series took its first step from the grave and into our lives. Some 25 years (and too many instalments to count) later, Resident Evil Village takes the story into a new chapter and a new generation of consoles.

From the humble roots of its PlayStation beginning, the Resiverse has clawed its way onto everything from the GameCube to the Xbox One. As the biggest game to grace the franchise, it seems apt that Village is getting the biggest release yet on both current and next-gen systems. Even if your PlayStation has been left gathering dust in the attic, players have creaked up the crypt and resurrected Village on the retro games console. Get ready for the Resident Evil Village demake. 


What is the Resident Evil Village demake?

YouTuber Hoolopee is behind the demake, and brings the eighth main game in the series kicking and screaming back to the '90s. Although it's only short, it runs through iconic scenes of the 2021 game and "demakes" them with graphics from the OG PlayStation. Even if Lady Alcina Dimitrescu's face doesn't move, she's just as terrifying as ever (if not more). This pixelated peril is the latest in a run of demake games that are increasingly popular. Hoopolee's channel also has a demake for last year's Death Stranding, as well as a N64 demake of a Halo Infinite trailer.

All of these low-poly renderings show just how far we've come in terms of graphics, but also, makes us pine for the old days a bit. The Resident Evil Village demake is made all the more horrifying by Lady D's emotionless eyes, a nod to the early days of Resident Evil with "You Died", and a haunting low-res Dimitrescu dancing at the end of the trailer. If only the modern version of Village had the head of House Dimitrescu doing a merry jig every time she's sliced and diced you. 


Could we get a full Resident Evil Village demake?

Demakes are everywhere right now, and just after indie developer Ohana Studio made a Game Boy Color demake of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the Village demake could be better-timed to cash in on the success of the mane game. Sadly, we don't think you'll be booting this one up on your PlayStation. Considering Village has been praised so much for its graphics, it's nice to see that even a demake version of the game is still massively popular.

Of course, seeing just 54 seconds of a Resident Evil Village demake isn't enough for some. Hoping to relive the days of Crash Bandicoot and Tomb Raider, we're demanding more. It's probably nowhere near as easy as it looks to "demake" a game, suggesting that a working version might be out of the realms of possibility. Then again, the modding community is already going wild with Village mods that have done everything from stripping Lady Dimitrescu's clothes off to adding Ada Wong to the story. If you want to play a Resident Evil Village demake, this might be one idea that's taken a stake to the heart. 



Images via Capcom | Hoolopee

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