The Resident Evil Village PVP mode has been delayed.

15:26, 28 Apr 2021

The eerie world of Resident Evil is moving from strength to strength in 2021. Having seen the remake of Resident Evil 3 be released late last year, many fans are diving in as Ethan Winters to get spooked by the many ghoulish antagonists and get a sense of overwhelming awe at the status of the towering Lady Dimitrescu

The loyal and not-so-squirmish fan base are now eagerly anticipating the upcoming horror title Resident Evil Village, a dark sequel to the 2017 freakshow Resi 7: Biohazard. The game, which will include both a single-player mode typical of the franchises previous titles and a brand-new online multiplayer experience, is set to release on May 1, with the incorporated PVP mode coming a week later.

However, after the Resident Evil Re:Verse mode recently had an open beta, it appears that much more work is needed and has now been delayed, according to reports.

A GameSpot report claims that Re:Verse is no longer slated for a May 7 release, after an email to “Resident Evil ambassadors” from the developers has begun to circulate.


According to GameSpot, the email explicitly said that Re:Verse will not be launching on May 7, although Village will still be hitting the shelves as planned. The email also never mentioned a specific timing, rather implying that the PVP mode is being contained until "summer" time.


Despite the bad news, the silver lining is that you will be able to fully concentrate on the main storyline upon release. Previous beta tests have allowed up to 30 minutes of playtime in which some players have figured out the early synopsis of the game and even identified a familiar 9-foot Vampiric lady by the name of Alcina, and her three daughters.


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Image via Capcom

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