Resident Evil Chapter Announced For Dead By Daylight

Resident Evil Chapter Announced For Dead By Daylight

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16th Apr 2021 14:11

It's been a big week for crossovers, and after Rick and Morty (bizarrely) came to Rainbow Six Siege, Capcom just confirmed Dead by Daylight is getting its own Resident Evil chapter. Earlier this year, the all-star Resident Evil showcase confirmed a crossover with R6, which turns Operator Zofia into Resi favourite Jill Valentine. Elsewhere, The Division 2 had its own massive crossover in February that brought the Raccoon City Police Department to the game and honoured Leon Kennedy. With Capcom celebrating 25 years since the first Resident Evil hit the PlayStation, the celebrations don't end there.

Although there were zombie games before Resident Evil gnawed its way into our lives in 1996, the first game is credited with popularising the zombie game genre and also leading to our current obsession with zombies on the small and silver screen. If it wasn't for the likes of Resident Evil and The House of the Dead, we arguably wouldn't have games like Dead by Daylight. If you haven't played Behaviour Interactive's 2016 title, Dead by Daylight is described as an "asymmetrical" horror that tasks you with playing as an unhinged killer.

Four players jump into the action as either the killer or four potential victims - hoping to escape their clutches. Although it's been a fair few years since the original's release, DLC content has added characters from horror staples ranging from A Nightmare on Elm Street to HalloweenScream to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Now, it's time to open up the shady secrets of the Umbrella Corporation with the next chapter.


What is the Dead By Daylight and Resident Evil crossover?

The 23-second trailer opens with a blood-curdling scream and an Umbrella badge being thrown to the floor. It's clear at least one employee of the rogue conglomerate falls victim to the killer in the latest Dead by Daylight DLC. Although the footage is only short, it looks like the unlucky victim is strung up by a tree and left to be devoured by a ravenous zombie. That's all we have to go on, however, if we follow tradition, there should be at least one "Killer" and "Survivor" added to the mix.

In terms of killers, it's likely Nemesis or Mr. X are getting ready for some murderous mayhem, but in terms of a potential Survivor(s), it could be Chris and Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, or any number of others. If Dead by Daylight wants to capitalise on the upcoming release of Resident Evil Village, Ethan Winters would be a popular choice. Then again, Ethan is relatively new to the franchise and hardly its most iconic addition. 


When can you play the Dead by Daylight and Resident Evil crossover?

The teaser for Dead by Daylight is suitably vague, but we're promised more details soon. Dave Richard, Creative Director for Dead by Daylight, promised, "We are excited to be working with the legendary studio Capcom to create the next Dead by Daylight chapter. It is an honor and an absolute joy to welcome the original survival horror game Resident Evil in The Entity’s universe.

"The result is fantastic and will surprise new players and veterans alike. Players can expect a chapter packed with iconic content and novel ways to sacrifice or survive inspired by the renowned franchise". Apart from a June release date, we're left in the dark about what else to expect, other than the fact you'll get an in-game Umbrella charm for your troubles. Dead by Daylight has a huge fandom of 30 million players, and on any given day, up to one million stick on their hockey mask or try and escape a deranged killer. Meanwhile, the Resident Evil fandom is stronger than ever as Capcom rolls out the big guns in 2021.

Alongside Village and various crossovers with the likes of R6 and Dead by Daylight, there's also the co-op RE:Verse that's already launched its beta. Either way, Capcom is keen to show the Resident Evil name is more than just your standard shooters than having made up the bulk of the series' releases. With Dead by Daylight celebrating its sixth anniversary and Resident Evil its 25th, it's great that the two can share the limelight with buckets of blood and a crossover between two horror favourites. We can't wait to stand under this "umbrella". 


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