Resident Evil 5 remake fans explain what it needs to succeed

Resident Evil 5 remake fans explain what it needs to succeed
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Tom Chapman


21st Apr 2023 16:36

There are three things that amaze us in Resident Evil, how Jill Valentine still looks so young, the franchise's hatred for Ethan Winters' hands, and how much stick Resident Evil 5 gets. Thankfully, rumours of a Resident Evil 5 remake could fix the series' most divisive outing.

Released in 2009, Resident Evil 5 followed in the footsteps of Resident Evil 4's chart-topping success. Sadly, Chris Redfield's trip to West Africa paled in comparison to Leon Kennedy's jaunt to rural Spain, while this was just the tip of RE5's unfair hate from fandom.

Players explain what Resident Evil 5 need to succeed

A hotly contested Reddit thread has got players putting in their two cents on what a mythical Resident Evil 5 remake needs to turn its tarnished reputation around. Notably, it's clear we need to do something with the Lost in Nightmares scenario that could play out like RE4's Separate Ways

Seeing where things are going though, someone said, "There isn't a snowballs chance in hell that it isn't sold separately to us as a DLC. Forthcoming Separate Ways for RE4R is already going that direction." We'd also like to see more of the. Josh Stone and Jill Valentine-centric Desperate Escape

As for Sheva, there are calls for her to be a playable character from the start. One player wrote, "It would be cool if you can change between Chris and Sheva like RE0, but with a better AI (Sheva don't waste that green herb thanks)."

Highlighting the improved AI of Luis in the RE4 remake, another added, "Honestly, AI commands would be great. Like commanding your partner to let loose, conserve resources, stay back, or purely focus on defending the player."

Despite some questionable dialogue, another added, "I NEED them to keep all the voice lines, PLEASE." Saying what everyone is thinking, someone concluded, "KEEP. BOULDER." Our favourite suggestion was, "Introducing Weskers most nefarious project: The B-Virus. Turning any unworthy hosts into a walking boulder."

Are we getting a Resident Evil 5 remake?

Resident Evil 5 remake
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Although Capcom is yet to give a Resident Evil 5 remake the green light, the new Resident Evil 4 remake post-credit scene pretty much confirms it. The rumoured Separate Ways DLC will likely shed light on what's next, but with a tease of Wesker and Tricell CEO Excella Gionne, we're already excited.

There have been a lot of pumped gamers hyping a Resident Evil 5 remake to give the 2009 title a redemption arc for the ages, but with this, we move one step further away from others championing Code: Veronica for a new-gen revamp

Capcom has had hit after hit since it released the Resident Evil 2 remake in 2019, and while we'll soon run out of games to remake, others are looking beyond RE5 and hoping Resident Evil 6 can be overhauled from the ground up. Yeah, good luck with that one.

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