Resident Evil 4 Remake Could Be Coming To Even More Platforms

Resident Evil 4 Remake Could Be Coming To Even More Platforms
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Tom Chapman


28th Sep 2022 15:21

We wish Capcom would decide what it's doing with its Resident Evil 4 remake, because after being finally announced earlier this year, it's continued to get lost in a shuffling sea of rumors and leaks. Basically, it's more covert than Ada Wong herself right now.

Although a new-gen remake of the beloved 2005 GameCube game was leaked years ago in that big Capcom leak, it was only at June's PlayStation State of Play that it was finally confirmed to be in the works. Thankfully, there's too long to wait, with the latest Resident Evil remake due to hit consoles on March 24, 2023. We just don't know which platforms it'll be coming to. 

What Platforms Will The Resident Evil 4 Remake Release On?

Over on Twitter, fans have noted that the Resident Evil 4 remake could be coming to Xbox One. There's an Amazon listing that seemingly confirms it'll be coming to last-gen consoles. Insider Dusk Goem claims it was always coming to Xbox One alongside PlayStation 4, however, Sony has been a little off with the timing of its release.

Capcom hasn't confirmed the legitimacy of the leak, but given that it's Amazon, we'd be surprised if this wasn't the real deal. The problem is, now that we've got another last-gen release on the cards, there are worries that the PS5 and Xbox Series versions will be held back by making it playable on last-gen. One critic wrote, "Dumb move Capcom should skip the old gen hardware man. Come on 2023 now."

Not everyone agreed though, one supporter said, "I think any AAA game has to still consider last-gen consoles, at least until we reach the point when you can enter a store and buy a PS5. It’s ridiculous how Sony hasn’t been able to fulfil stocks after two years." Even though it's true that there's still a shortage of new-gen hardware, that hasn't stopped the likes of Gotham Knights axing their last-gen ports


What's Next For The Resident Evil 4 Remake?

Resident Evil 4 Remake
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We'd already heard about a last-gen release for PS4, which rattled Xbox fans that once again accused Capcom of locking them out in the cold. Remembering that the OG Resident Evil debuted on the PlayStation back in 1996 - and Village let PlayStation owners into its demo early - it wasn't too hard to imagine the developer turning its back on Microsoft. 

So far, we've only seen a snippet of what's on the way with the Resident Evil 4 remake. Away from a cinematic trailer, we're dying to see gameplay and what the likes of the villainous Ramon Salazar look like. We're told it'll be more of a reimagining than a straight-up remake, and if some of its dated concepts were censored for the VR version, we imagine the rampant sexism will be phased out. Either way, we're excited to see what's on the way with the Resident Evil 4 remake, even if it'll likely never come to the Switch. 

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