Resident Evil 4 HD Remaster Finally Has A Release Date

Resident Evil 4 HD Remaster Finally Has A Release Date

Written by 

Tom Chapman


26th Jan 2022 14:15

Fetch your fishing rods and prepare to take on the Del Lago lake monster in a whole new way with Resident Evil 4 HD. That's right, the game that gives Skyrim a run for its money in terms of how many times it can be rereleased or ported... is back. 

Originally released on the GameCube in 2005, the fourth main Resident Evil left the burned ashes of Racoon City behind and tried something very different. Although it went through several iterations, Capcom made a bold gamble and took Leon S. Kennedy to rural Spain for a nightmare of epic proportions.

What Is The Resident Evil 4 HD Remake?

It's been eight years in the making, but now, Resident Evil 4 HD finally has a release date. The trailer says "remastered for a true HD experience" and we've got to agree. Although it's still a fair way off Capcom's official line of remakes that have stalled since 2020's Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, it's a bloody and beautiful try.

From a HD Ada to the Merchant chuckling that he might have something that will interest you, it's RE4, but not as you know it. This labour of love took the creators to actual Spain to gather high-resolution textures, and it looks like the hard work paid off. 

Improved lighting makes enemies like the Novistador, Osmund Saddler, and the giant Salazar statue look better than ever, while the set pieces don't look like they've been dragged from 17 years ago. As the trailer reminds us, you can play Resident Evil 4 like it's the very first time - all over again.

What Else Do We Know About Resident Evil 4 HD?

If the main campaign wasn't enough, how about taking on the "Assignment Ada" and "Separate Ways" additional content that lets you get behind the controls of the slippery spy and her iconic red dress? As ever, the fan-favourite Mercenaries is also here. Not all of this looks as perfect as it could be, but it's the best we've seen from fan projects.

As for whether Capcom could go full Nintendo and pull the plug on the project, the team says the developer is aware of Resident Evil 4 HD and has allowed it to continue with its blessing. It's good news considering we've heard literally nothing about an official remake of the cult classic.

If you're sold, Resident Evil 4 HD is compatible with the original game's version 1.06. and 1.1.0. Better yet, we also have a release date of February 2. February is shaping up to be a massive month for games thanks to Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West, but we didn't expect Resident Evil 4 to be up there with them.

One thing's for sure, it looks a damn sight better than the VR remake of RE4 that was sanctioned by Capcom. Remembering that Resident Evil 4 HD was eight years of non-stop work, we tip our hats to the creators and can't wait to pick up our chainsaws and revisit this haunted house of horrors.


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