Resident Evil 4 gets 2D side-scrolling remake

Resident Evil 4 gets 2D side-scrolling remake
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Tom Chapman


26th Jul 2023 17:17

At a time when most are pushing the limits of gaming in the hunt for the flashiest and fastest game, some are holding onto the old days of simple pixel pleasure. New-gen games are all well and good, but will you ever feel the same buzz as exploring the Spencer Mansion in the OG Resident Evil again?

We've gone a long way from the rendered background of 1996's first Resident Evil, but since Code: Veronica moved into 3D real-life environments, we haven't really looked back. Now, a loyal crowd of Resi fans have given 2005's Resident Evil 4 a nostalgic remake as a 2D side-scrolling adventure.

Fans create 2D side-scrolling Resident Evil 4 remake

When you think of Resident Evil 4, you likely think of the GameCube original or its many remakes. We've seen it move into VR and get a glossy 2023 remake, but for those craving a bit of the old days, "DooMero" has released the Resident Evil 4 2D Edition.

Using the GZDoom engine that's known for converting Doom games, this labour of love has been in the works for several years and is now showcasing 30 minutes of gameplay. Seeing the iconic village section of Resident Evil 4, a side-scrolling Leon takes on the Ganado and even Chaindaw Man. 

We're sure we're not alone in saying we're completely sold on the idea, and while it would be our millionth playthrough of Resident Evil 4, it looks like a treat. Even though DooMero doesn't have a release date, they've previously suggested the opening levels will be released as a demo to lure us in. 

Where's our Resident Evil 4 DLC?

Ada Wong Resident Evil 4 remake
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If you want something a little more modern, we're still twiddling our thumbs while waiting for the mythical Resident Evil 4 DLC. Given that the original release came with the Ada Wong-centric Separate Ways expansion, we've been looking out for a hint at Ms. Wong getting her time to shine.

The weeks are ticking on without confirmation of Separate Ways, and it was noticeably absent from Capcom's recent showcase. Although leakers suggest we won't be waiting as long as we had to for Resident Evil Village's Shadows of Rose DLC, we're getting impatient. Hopefully, the side-scrolling RE4 can keep us occupied. 

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