After reports from Jared ‘Dekay’ Lewis, Renegades confirm CSGO return.

08:21, 03 Dec 2019

After being out of action for little over a month when their roster left for 100 Thieves, Renegades have not only marked their CSGO return, but also a return to Australian CS.

After signing their original roster in 2015, Renegades have been committed to the Australian scene, for some time this Grayhound roster has been known as second best to Renegades (albeit actually being based out of Asia), making back to back pro leagues in which they will appear in today where they face the tough task of Astralis.

The move, orgininally reported by Dekay via DBLTap, was teased by the Grayhound squad before being confirmed by Renegades hours before their opening match.

Within their announcement video, the roster confirmed they will still be based out of Australia, having to battle in the Asia minor for a spot at the major in Brazil next year. 

The new Renegades roster consists of:

Joshua "INS" Potter
Ollie "DickStacy" Tierney
Christopher "dexter" Nong
Simon "Sico" Williams
Liam "malta" Schembri

They play their first game under the Renegades banner as they face Astralis @ 14:30 CET.

Main Image Credit - Starladder | Flickr

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