How the lions needs to purr as a pride before being able to roar.

17:37, 24 Nov 2020

GGRecon spoke to Mad Lions’ newest recruit Ismail "refrezh" Ali to discuss how he longs for a stable Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) team, how his new side thrives on confidence, how they will transition on LAN, and why NA teams may struggle in EU events.

MAD Lions signed the dynamic duo of refrezh and Rasmus "HooXi" Nielsen on October 2 from x6stance (formerly the Copenhagen Flames), and with just two months at the organisation, they face their toughest challenge yet. Two spots are available at the BLAST Fall Finals through the Fall Showdown, with the winners joining the likes of Renault Vitality in the top-tier of European CS. The "two nuts", as refrezh describes, will be looking to add to the firepower of MAD and capitalise on the inconsistencies of others to purr alongside the elites of the jungle. 

"The teammates around me are really good at making you feel comfortable" began refrezh. "They are not selfish at all, and it gives you room to say your opinion and do your thing in-game, so it's a really nice home to be at.

"Outside of the game we [himself and HooXi] get along really well, we are good friends having a lot of fun. I think we connect even better in-game too. I would say we are two nuts and we are really playing a lot and watching a lot of game to try to find new tricks and evolve our playstyle."

When asked about their chances at the BLAST Fall Showdown, refrezh humbly admitted that it's important to remain realistic and that his journey at MAD Lions is just beginning with a lot of progress to be made. However, with the possibility of facing North American sides such as Team Liquid and the inconsistencies of the likes of FaZe and the newly formed Cloud9 Colossus side, refrezh indicates that it's anybody's game and that MAD Lions will "fight to the end" for a spot in the highest calibre of competition that European CS has to offer. 



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