Red Dead Redemption Easter Egg Found In GTA Online

Red Dead Redemption Easter Egg Found In GTA Online
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Tom Chapman


25th Jun 2021 12:02

While the Old West and crime-riddled streets of Los Santos might seem hundreds of miles (and years) apart from each other, that hasn't stopped the wide world of Rockstar Games coming together in a big way. While Rockstar is probably best-known for the Grand Theft Auto games, we've seen Easter eggs from BullyManhunt, and Red Dead pop up in its wider universe. Now, another connection has been spotted.

Despite questions of when Rockstar will finally announce GTA 6, most of us are happy earning coins and causing havoc in GTA Online.

The spin-off from 2013's GTA V has helped the game break records as the most profitable entertainment product of all time, and keeps us jumping back into Rockstar's world thanks to its continued updates. 

What is the Red Dead Redemption Easter egg in GTA Online?

Posting on Reddit, u/muscle_man431 spotted a nod to Red Dead Redemption's John Marston. They've found an NPC who met a sticky end out there in the game, however, the big takeaway was the fact they're wearing a John Marston tee. By the looks of it, it's the same artwork that was used to promote Red Dead Redemption all those years ago.

Released in 2010, Rockstar's open-world Western was a reboot of the Red Dead series and the follow-up to 2004's Red Dead Revolver. The story was set in 1911 and followed the grizzled Marston as he had to track down his former gang members and bring them in to face justice. While most of us know how John's story end, it's great to see his legacy being honoured in GTA Online.

Other players were suitably impressed with the find. One wrote, "Makes me wonder why rockstar hasn’t added rdr2 shirts to gta online", while another added, "Yeah there’s a guy wearing the same shirt at the bike rental in the mission 'daddy’s little girl'".  Someone else pointed out, "In Michael's House there is also a book called 'red dead redemption'". While the OP said they "found" the NPC like this, others weren't so convinced - then accused them of knocking the Marston fan off Red Dead style. 

What's next for Red Dead and GTA?

Despite both GTA and Red Dead being Rockstar's two biggest IPs, they both face an uncertain future. Even if the world is hyped for the release of GTA 6, it's baffling to remember Rockstar hasn't even announced it yet. Elsewhere, Red Dead is lying dormant after the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2018. It also has its own Red Dead Online, however, it's failed to cash in on the success of GTA Online.

While Red Dead Redemption 2 was a prequel to Red Dead, there are plenty of ways the story could go next. We're guessing a Red Dead Redemption 3 is out there somewhere in the aether as Rockstar's next big project after GTA 6 finally races into our lives.

Remembering that Red Dead Redemption 2 turns three in a couple of months, could Rockstar have an announcement up its sleeve? Even if a threequel is unlikely right now, there's the chance of a next-gen port for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. In the meantime, players are encouraged to keep their eyes out for more Easter eggs that unite the Rockstarverse under one glorious gaming umbrella.


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