Red Dead 2 Undead Nightmare Prequel Is Here

Red Dead 2 Undead Nightmare Prequel Is Here
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Tom Chapman


4th Nov 2021 16:22

What is dead may never die - well, that's the mantra of Red Dead Redemption's rotting corpse that is Undead Nightmare. While most games will milk the cash cow with a DLC that adds a bit of a new story, a new land, or a new character, Rockstar went and buried the rulebook with Undead Nightmare in 2010. 

Back then, Red Dead Redemption reinvented the tired-looking Red Dead Revolver and took the story forward with a brand-new chapter. If John Marston's story wasn't good enough for you, how about him blasting zombies in the face on the dusty plains of the Old West?

Undead Nightmare is almost universally held as the greatest DLC of all time, so you might be a little disappointed to learn Rockstar didn't revisit the idea for 2018's Red Dead Redemption 2. It turns out they didn't need to, the players have done it for them. 

What Is The Red Dead 2 Undead Nightmare Prequel?

Over on Nexus Mods, "Undead Nightmare II" is the shuffling series continuation we've all been waiting for. It only took 11 years to get there. Just like Red Dead Redemption 2 is set before the events of the first game, Undead Nightmare II is yet another prequel. 

Landing just after Halloween (come on, you could've hit October 31), Undead Nightmare II follows more undead-mashing action with a cowboy twist. The rather simplistic synopsis reads: "The dead have risen, a number of settlements have fallen, and some still stand a chance - it's up to you to either lend a hand, or let them perish."

As shown by YouTuber Quarantine Gamer, Arthur Morgan and a merry band of bullet-laden NPCs try to rid towns like Armadillo, Blackwater, and Coot’s Chapel of zombies. There's a suitably spooky soundtrack, while the lighting gives a whole aesthetic that this is the end of days. 

Will There Be An Official Red Dead 2 Undead Nightmare Prequel?

Sadly, we imagine you'll be stuck modding Undead Nightmare into RDR2. It's already been three years since the game came out, and although Rockstar continues to deliver updates for Red Dead Online, the base game remains pretty untouched. 

There are rumours of a Red Dead remaster for the 2010 game, but no word on whether that would include a souped-up version of the OG Undead Nightmare. Either way, none of it gives us any indication that Rockstar officially plans on digging up the subseries for the latest generation of console. 

We previously covered how an impressive list of mods could recreate the feel of Undead Nightmare, but that's nothing compared to Undead Nightmare II giving us the whole package. Thankfully, Undead Nightmare II fills that empty coffin in our hearts where zombies used to lie. Who knows, could the rare reviews of this unofficial mod spur the developer into getting the dead walking again?


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