Can their complex roster disrupt the amateur scene?

19:00, 12 Feb 2021

Rebirth Esports has recently created one of the most complex rosters in the history of amateur Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). Along with their traditional five-player team, Rebirth will include a total of three substitutes. Their roster now consists of Sebastian “retchy” Tropiano, Carson “nosraC” O'Reilly, Zack “XotiC” Elshani, Collin “wrath” McSweegan, Maxim “wippie” Shepelev, Daniel “tropiiical” Elshani, Ali “phantom” Sachs, and Rahul “curry” Nemani. 

Three of their eight players joined on February 4 of this year and have already started competing. Rebirth has recently earned its best placements this year, which is huge considering their lack of financial support. Hopefully, all eight players will get a chance to shine this year and prove their worthy of competing with the best amateur players. 


In 2019, Rebirth made their humble debut competing in a total of three events. Their first offline tournament was Fragadelphia 13 where they earned a fifth-place finish. It was a great start considering the event had a total of eighteen teams competing that year. 

They eventually moved on to WINNERS League Season 3 which resulted in a disqualification for unknown reasons. Finally, they finished off 2019 with a run in the ESEA Season 32 Advanced Division. They faced off against Faint Gaming and earned another fifth-place finish, except this time they earned some cold hard cash. Rebirth made another tournament attempt that year but were eventually shut down by Faint Gaming once again.  

A year later Rebirth made an advance in earnings but still lacked a first-place title to fill their trophy room. They lost five events in a row before entering their first-ever A-Tier event. Rebirth made their way to IEM New York where they faced off against some of the best teams in North America.


Rebirth had a really rough start by going 1-4 in the group stage meaning they no longer had a shot at the title. The competitive online atmosphere within CS:GO only provided Rebirth with the practice and experience which was needed for their future. 


They eventually took that experience and ran with it. While a few months passed by, Rebirth earned a fourth-place finish at the DreamHack Master Winter event. The achievement was huge, considering the size of Rebirth last year. So far, Rebirth has gone above and beyond with their new roster.

Even though they are still hunting for a first-place finish, Rebirth finished in second place at the DreamHack Open back in January. They beat out Extra Salt in both the upper and loser brackets which led to game three against paiN Gaming. 

Retchy led his team to their best finish yet, which came out to eight thousand dollars by the end of the five-day event. Besides taking home a DreamHack title, Rebirth really couldn’t have asked for a better start to 2021. They’re currently three thousand dollars away from breaking even compared to their earnings from 2020. It looks like Rebirth has the right amount of drive to climb the ranks in North America. 


Now for a look at the current eight-man roster within Rebirth. XotiC has been playing since 2017 and can easily pick up any weapon in the game. He’s worked as both an AWPer and a rifler which has led his team to multiple victories. He was apart of Splyce’s redemption roster and even played for CLG’s academy team back in 2017. 


XotiC originally joined Rebirth in 2020 and changed his position within the team multiple times. He’s currently playing with the main roster but was once a substitute for the North American org. His journey within CS:GO has been a struggle due to constant team hopping, and he hasn’t won an event since 2017.


Ex-Team Singularity entry fragger wrath will now use his talents for Rebirth alongside the main roster. Wrath has won a total of two different events and has years of experience in the competitive industry. He originally started playing for pick up teams such as Ze Pug Godz and Secret Club before finding his spot with higher tier teams. 

Wrath has spent a long time with S-Tier teams but has recently moved back down to the B-Tier scene. His aggressive tactics should be a perfect fit for Rebirth, considering they need a strong roster. 


One of the final stars on Rebirth who currently acts as a substitute is the one and only curry. Curry has been playing at a competitive level since the age of sixteen and spent most of his time with Triumph. He won two events last year before finding his spot on an eight-man roster.

Despite being a substitute, curry helped Rebirth finish in second-place at their most recent event. He showed a lot of talent, and it’s clear that he has a shot at the main roster. 




Images via Rebirth Esports | Twitter   

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