Real Madrid Centre-Midfielder Carlos Henrique Casimiro has created his own Esports brand called 'CaseEsports'.

15:07, 30 Oct 2020

Real Madrid footballer Carlos Henrique Casimiro has jumped on the bandwagon of stars that have created an esports team. Casemiro announced that he has launched CaseEsports, and has subsequently signed a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) roster.

The Brazillian centre-midfielder joins an increasing number of professional footballers who have dipped their toe into esports, as he signs a roster from his native country. The side that will debut in the qualifiers for DreamHack Masters Winter on November 3, and will consist of Denis “⁠dzt⁠” Fischer, Paulo “⁠land1n⁠” Felipe, Yan “⁠yepz⁠” Pedretti, Vinicius “⁠n1ssim⁠” Pereira, and Felipe “⁠delboNi⁠” Delboni.

According to HLTV, Casemiro has stated "This team was created out of a hobby of mine that I really enjoy", before adding "I wanted to take it to a professional level, and just like in my career, I want them to be the best. I know that creating a new team and winning titles will take time and require a lot of work, but I hope that the players and the fans will really enjoy this project".

The Brazilian international who has multiple Champions League winners medals to his name is often seen playing CS:GO alongside teammates Gabriel Jesus and Neymar. Casemiro's former Real Madrid teammate Gareth Bale also owns his own esports organisation named "Ellevens Esports" who operate in Rocket League and FIFA.

Earlier this month, his Argentinian counterpart, Sergio Aguero also started up his own esports organisation named KRÜ Esports, looking to get involved in League of Legends.


Case Esports' short-term goals are to "quickly grow in the Spanish CS:GO scene and secure spots at important international tournaments", and with Casemiro as an important investor, their rise should be quite swift.


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Image via CaseEsports

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