Razer Releases Hello Kitty Chairs And Headsets

Razer Releases Hello Kitty Chairs And Headsets
Images: Razer | Sanrio

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Joseph Kime


21st Jan 2022 13:19

Razer is pretty confident when it comes to its peripherals. Regardless of whether they land with every gaming fan out there, Razer is incredibly bold with its ideas, from the RGB face masks to a full-on gaming desk.

They're innovators at the very least, and keep pushing the world of peripherals to exciting new places. And now, they're taking a plunge to develop the cutest streamer setups in the world, as they've collaborated with Sanrio for potentially the sweetest gaming chairs and headsets ever.

Razer Reveals Hello Kitty Gaming Peripherals

Razer has unveiled its newest collaborative project, and it's a set of gaming peripherals made with help from the Sanrio cast of characters, mostly putting to use the star of the show, Hello Kitty.

The Hello Kitty capsule collection offers a full pink gaming chair, mouse pad, gaming mouse, lumbar pillow, and perhaps the best addition - the Hello Kitty and Friends edition Razer Kraken BT headset. It's fit with its own cat ears fashioned after the titular cat.

Razer isn't strangers to the classic cat ears headset, as it has produced its very own, but with this new Hello Kitty-themed headset is a new high. We'll take five.

Where Can You Get The Hello Kitty Gaming Peripherals?

The new Hello Kitty-themed gaming peripherals can be bought directly from the Razer site, and, surprisingly, the prices are actually pretty fair. You can get the mouse and mat bundle for only £59.99, the Hello Kitty ears headset for £119.99, and though the chair isn't on sale in the UK just yet (it's currently sat at $499 in the US), the lumbar support can be bought for £59.99.

This collection is adorable, and we can't lie - we rather fancy Sanrio-ifying our gaming setups and looking pretty in pink. For those of you who love all things pink or Hello Kitty, this might be the collection for you.


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