Amos Hodge admitted that Warzone cheaters are ruining some of the best work Raven Software has ever done.

17:16, 27 Apr 2021

Raven Software moved into the Call of Duty limelight, previously hogged by Infinity Ward and Treyarch, as they became the leading developers behind the battle royale that has sent the franchise into a frenzy. Collaborating with the multiplayer devs, Raven has directed Warzone into a new age, quite literally.

Having whisked players back into the 1980s with the introduction of Warzone Season 3, the spotlight has never shone brighter in the direction of Raven, with the expectations of millions on their shoulders. 

The jury remains out on the seemingly successful new Warzone map, however, Raven are consistently under fire from fans regarding their ongoing war against cheaters and hackers.

The developers have now diminished nearly 100,000 cheaters from Warzone, which is around one-thousandth of the accounts that have logged on to the game, seen as though they recently passed 100 million users. On the eye, the ratio may seem favourable, but with 150 players per lobby, you would have been looking at running into a hacker on an average of one in seven games. 

Despite their heft efforts, Raven Software’s Creative Director has claimed that Warzone cheaters are “ruining some of the best work I’ve done in my life.”

Speaking to VGC, Amos Hodge said: "We make this content for the players and while you’re upset that it ruined your game, I’m upset that it’s ruining some of the best work that I’ve done in my life,


“I made this content for players and I know that everyone around the team feels that way. We put our hearts into this content, we have 100 million players, it’s been out a year, this is a huge stage and some of the best work we’ve ever done, and to have cheaters come in and ruin the game bothers us more than anyone.”

The war against cheaters and hackers is extremely valid, with Warzone being considered one of the best multiplayer games to ever be made. It would be a shame for them to break out like the zombie infestation that plagued the previous Verdansk and watch Warzone peril.



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