Ubisoft has unveiled its plans for the first ever Rainbow Six World Cup for 2021.

11:06, 11 Sep 2020

Rainbow Six Siege is the latest esports giant to get its own World Cup. As Ubisoft continues to turn out content some five years later, the Rainbow Six World Cup has confirmed the developer's commitment to keeping its fanbase engaged.

In 2021, 45 national teams will compete to be crowned the ultimate in the Rainbow Six circuit. The official trailer gave a hint of what's on the way, but at the moment, key information including the dates, prize pool, and format are up in the air.

There's been a recent boom in the trend of esports world cups with the likes of Overwatch and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds also getting in on the action.

Revealing the Rainbow Six World Cup at the Ubisoft Forward panel, the company explained, "2021 will be a particularly exciting year for Rainbow Six esports. A long-awaited new layer of competition will be unveiled making the next year more special for the community, our players, and us.

"We are proud to announce the first ever Rainbow Six World Cup, a long-awaited new and independent layer of competitions that will feature the best national teams across the world in Summer 2021.

"We often see pro players and community showcase their national pride and enthusiasm throughout events. International rivalries emerged, and a question is raised, over and over again: which country or region truly is the best at Rainbow Six Esports? 2021 will be the year to settle this". 

The team process will work as follows: 

Step 1: From September 14, each of the 45 countries will select three team managers. One must be selected by the local Ubisoft office, another elected by local professional players, and a third is chosen by the local community.

Step 2: Later this year, the managers will pick five players to complete as part of the national team. No more than two players from the same professional R6 team can be selected.

Rainbow Six World Cup

The Rainbow Six World Cup will be the game's first global country-based team tournament since it was released in 2015. When it comes to competitors, 14 teams will be directly invited while the other 31 will have to duke it out for a place in the competition. The following teams will compete directly in the final stage: Germany, Spain, United-Kingdom, Italy, France, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan), Australia, USA, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico.

Finally, basketball star Tony Parker will endorse the Rainbow Six World Cup. Parker is a big name in the esports community and also runs the Adéquat Academy in France. Discussing his role, Parker added, "I’m excited to meet all the players and explain to them how special it is to play for your country. It’s very different than team-playing, like if you go to your country and hear your national anthem, you have the goosebumps and you know it’s a great honor".

We'll keep you updated with the latest updates when we know more.


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