With many characters and game modes, players have been crying out for somewhere to practice. Introducing: Rainbow Six Siege Training Mode, eventually...

15:38, 21 Aug 2020

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Seige now has an audacious number of operators to choose from, and many are spoilt for choice when they earn enough credits to choose their newest recruit. If only there was a way of trying them out to see which operator you'd prefer...

Rainbow Six designer, Emilien Lomet, has told PCGamesN that there will be a training mode eventually implemented into the game, where players can test out weapons and abilities in all of the game modes. 

“Those are features that we’ve had in mind for a very long time,” stated Lomet, before adding “So, yes, you can expect elements like that to make their way into the game eventually".

A date, however, was not confirmed, as he explained: "I don’t have a specific timeline at the moment”.


The new Rainbow Six Siege season 'Operation Steel Wave' has introduced two new operators to the group too. Melusi and Ace have bolstered the ranks, with the latter being an attacking breached specialist. Melusi is a solid defensive operator, capable of stifling attacks with her Banshee devices, which has proven extremely popular since her release. At the price of 25,000 Renown, a training mode would be favourable to the fan base, allowing players to use the weapons and abilities available on each operator, which would allow players to make sure their renown was going to good use.

With 55 operators in total (27 attackers and 28 defenders), choosing the right operator to unlock is crucial, so it will come with a warm reception when the training mode is implemented. 

A training mode will also let you experiment with teammates to master your map control, being able to plan routes to cut off in defence, alongside being able to know just which window panel to break to have a view on the enemy bomb site. 

Whilst Lomet didn't give a time frame on the mode, we'll be eagerly anticipating its release.

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Image via Ubisoft


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