A massive Rainbow Six Siege crossover with Rick and Morty brings Adult Swim's crazy cartoon comedy to Ubisoft's tactical shooter.

14:48, 15 Apr 2021

Ubisoft is getting "schwifty" with its latest crossover. Players are swapping their sniper rifles for a portal gun and jumping into the unknown thanks to a Rainbow Six Siege crossover with Rick and Morty. While the shooter favourite and sci-fi cartoon might seem like they're a million miles away from each other, the latest addition to the expansive universe of interconnected games brings the madcap duo into the action.

Despite Rainbow Six Siege heading into its sixth year, there's no sign of developers abandoning it any time soon. Just like Activision has kept Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ticking along as attention shifted to Black Ops Cold War, we're also expecting R6 Siege will carry on chugging. Even though there's Rainbow Six: Parasite just around the corner (not called Quarantine), the Six Siege fanbase has plenty to look forward to in 2021. We previously touched on the bizarre idea of a Rick and Morty crossover, and now, we know more.


What is the Rainbow Six crossover with Rick and Morty?

From today (April 15), you can pick up a whole host of Rick and Morty-themed items in-game. You'll probably need to be a fan of the cartoon to understand the references, so be prepared to be suitably confused if you haven't watched it. The official R6 account confirmed the Sledge Gromflomite and Smoke Pickle Rick bundles are live in the shop. Each has a hefty price tag of 2160 R6 Credits - meaning you'll need to have sold a fair few Kalaxian Crystals to afford these.

Looking closer at what each pack includes, the Sledge Gromflomite bundle honours those flying foes that Rick loves to squash. Inside is a Federation Defense attachment skin, Gromflomite uniform and helmet, Seal Team Rick charm, and a weapon skin for the M590A1. The Smoke Pickle Rick bundle pays tribute to one of the show's most infamous episodes and will surely have you shouting, "I'm Pickle Rick" as you jump into action. The pack contains the Pickle Rick Rat Suit and headgear, Pickle Rick charm, weapon skin, and a shiny Portal Gun attachment.



Are there more Rainbow Six Siege crossovers?

Crossovers inside Rainbow Six Siege might not be as commonplace as something like Fortnite, but they're still there. Last year, Splinter Cell legend Sam Fisher joined the party as an Operator called Zero. This year continued the crossovers when Siege Operators Ash, Finka, and Thatcher leapt over to Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and only last month, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the OG Resident Evil when Zofia got her own Jill Valentine revamp.

In terms of crazy crossovers, there was also the time Ash had her own Elite Skin inspired by Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. Still, seeing the dimension-hopping Rick Sanchez's influence inside R6 Siege is definitely the weirdest. Given the way in which Rick and Morty often homages on pop culture, it will be interesting to see whether the R6 crossover will be referenced in a future episode of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon's madcap cartoon. Still, with Rainbow Six Siege selling 2,670 R6 Credits for $19.99/£16.99, you have to ask whether you really want to pay that to dress as a rat and a fly for a tenuous crossover. 



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Images via Adult Swim | Ubisoft

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