The long awaited PUBG Ranked Solos will finally land in Season 9.

15:39, 29 Sep 2020

Everyone loves being a lone ranger and splitting off from your teammates to rack up as many kills as possible. Solo players can fin haven in public lobbies, but those who wanted to really test themselves have never been able to jump into a lobby with similar players and fight it out to be the ultimate Battleground victor. Until now.

PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds has now announced that it will introduce a ranked solo playlist for Season 9 later this month. Usually, seasons last for 12 weeks, however, Season 8 has been extended by one week, meaning that for console players Season 9 should commence on October 29, whereas PC players will only have to wait until October 21.

This means, as of Season 9's birth, players will now be able to join solo ranked queues and work their way through the divisions to become the gravy on the chicken dinner.

PUBG Ranked Solos Season 9 | GGRecon

In a statement on their blog, PUBG Corp stated "Ranked Season 9 will start soon and features Ranked Solos for the first time, thanks to your feedback! That’s right, starting with Season 9, you’ll finally be able to test your skills in the traditional Battle Royale format, standing alone against an entire Battleground of enemies!

"We’re excited to debut this new ranked mode but for now, there’s still time to earn the Season 8 rewards before it ends."


Previously, the developers had been wary of implementing a PUBG Ranked Solo queue in fear that it will harm "the health of other queues and modes”. Heading into Season 9, they clearly feel that the fans know best and that the game is in a stable condition to be able to implement this.

Season 8 will conclude in the coming weeks, and the same blog post shared that players in ranks Gold V and higher will receive an exclusive UAZ vehicle skin. Those in Diamond V and higher will receive the same, plus an exclusive Season 8 parachute skin. Each player will earn an emblem which correlates to their rank too. 



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Image via PUBG Corporation

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