PUBG Is ‘About To Start Work On Sci-Fi Open-World Game’

PUBG Is ‘About To Start Work On Sci-Fi Open-World Game’

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Jack Marsh


12th Apr 2021 15:25

PUBG Corporation and Tencent are moving boulders when it comes to their battle royale title. Whilst the flame is dwindling in the west with rivals such as Warzone and Apex Legends proving to be slightly more captivating, the fire is roaring in the east as the tactical team coherent game is popping on both consoles and mobile.

The developers are looking to expand the universe rather dramatically, with the likes of PUBG New State, The Callisto Protocol, and even rumours of a PUBG 2.0 being introduced, all within the next eighteen months.

Thanks to some adventurous job listings, it also appears that PUBG is looking to add yet another title to their repertoire, with an open-world sci-fi shooter.

PUBG devoted leaker "PlayerIGN" found that 14 job listings were added to PUBG studios in which all of them referenced "Vertical". Translated from Korean, the leaker found that the new game is set to be an "open-world action and shooting game" which weighs heavily on the side of sci-fi.

The leaker also found that within the game will be "cyborgs, robots, [sci-fi] guns, mechas/Exo-suits, vehicles, monsters, tribes, villages, and cities."

The game is to be built on Unreal Engine 4, the same engine behind competitor Fortnite, the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Gears of War, Godfall, and the current PUBG game. 

Suspected to be announced prior to the turn of the year and set for release in the next 2-3 years (according to PlayerIGN), this title could be further confirmation of PUBG 2, with the codename Vertical being the games release title.


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Image via PUBG Corporation

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