PUBG Mobile users can now replenish energy with in-game Mountain Dew vending machines.

15:20, 23 Sep 2020

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds is often a battle royale where tacticians and stealthy assassins excel. Being able to manage a game between your team and the tempo of confrontations will give you the ultimate advantage. Whether it's positioning on the highgrounds or cohesing a flank, you may have to inject speed into your gameplay and catch opposing players off guard. Well, now your player can get as quick as you, by necking a bottle of Mountain Dew. Literally.

PUBG Mobile has today announced a partnership with Mountain Dew, which will see the famous drink brand plastered on the vending machines around the Erangel map. Players can head over to the vendors and grab an ice-cold energy drink which will "provide loot" for a limited time. This will range from armour plates to weapon attachments, giving players the competitive edge if supplies are short. Once used, you will also be able to unlock in-game customisable items such as a Mountain Dew Parachute, classic crate coupons, and up to 2000 "BP" - the in-game currency.

Gamers will also be able to crack open a bright green Dew, as the collaboration offers the opportunity to win real-life products. A cross-promotion event with Mountain Dew will allow the players behind the controller to "unlock rewards and real-world prizes" such as a Dew T-shirt.

The vending machines will work akin to those in Fortnite, where they will pop up in specific locations around the battle royale map, which can be interacted with by players. Be careful though, as it wont be uncommon for a sniper scope to be looming over them, ready to take a pop at you at any time.



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Image via PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds | Mountain Dew 

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