PUBG 2 Is 'Going To Be A Direct Sequel Based On Realism'

PUBG 2 Is 'Going To Be A Direct Sequel Based On Realism'

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Tom Chapman


25th Apr 2021 18:25

While the original PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is still going strong, that hasn't stopped players demanding to know what's next. Just like Blizzard is hard at work on Overwatch 2 (we hope), news of a PUBG sequel should have everyone excited. Now, we've got the first few hints of what could be on the horizon, with reports of a "realistic" PUBG 2

The latest rumour claims that Krafton has been working on not one, but two, PUBG games since early 2020. The big news is a fully-fledged sequel to the OG that's nearly ready to be announced by developer. Although it's all hearsay, the first tease of what's to come hints at a realistic game that follows in the footsteps of historical games like Call of Duty. Notably, it debunks the recent claim that the next chapter in the ever-expanding PUBG lore will be a sci-fi shooter similar to Outriders.

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How will PUBG 2 be based in realism?

Known PUBG insider PlayerIGN claims to have the inside track on PUBG and describes it as being "grounded in realism". Posting on Twitter, PlayerIGN wrote, "Insider sources tell me: Krafton is making PUBG 2; a Battle Royale game grounded in realism, and not futuristic. New developers, including those who worked on other BRs are/were recruited onto the existing PUBG team, they're not forming a new one".

It all sounds plausible, and if it's real, it's great news that a new PUBG isn't being formed. Instead, keep the existing team and simply adding to its ranks for a bigger battle royale game is a big win. The source doesn't reveal when this mythical title could be announced, however, it sounds like it's in early development. Importantly, the devs seem to be planning a big upgrade to the original that will emphasise more realistic graphics and scenarios. Does this mean Krafton will be taking a leaf out of CoD's book and visit some actual locations from the real world?


What else do we know about PUBG 2?

Despite games including Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone largely overtaking the popularity of PUBG, let's remember Erangel is where it all started. PUBG was born from an ARMA 3 mod and became everyone's must-download game before it hit Steam in 2017. Since then, it's laid down an impressive legacy that also led to PUBG Mobile. As of March 2021, PUBG Mobile alone has secured 1 billion downloads. As the rumours of PUBG 2 continue swirl, is an announcement just around the corner? 

Aside from PUBG 2, there's no stopping PUBG Corp. Even if the sequel is just a whisper (for now), we know mobile game PUBG: New State and horror survival The Callisto Protocol are officially in the works. Still, as Fortnite and Apex Legends come for the PUBG crown, being the first of the bunch to deliver a full-blown sequel would be huge news for the competitive BR scene. We'll stick a pin in the idea of PUBG 2 packed with realism for now, but consider us suitably pumped for a whole new way to play.


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