PUBG 12.1 Update Introduces New Weapon, Vehicle And More

PUBG 12.1 Update Introduces New Weapon, Vehicle And More

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Joseph Kime


26th May 2021 15:10

After a good long wait, PUBG fans finally have their first look at what the season 12 update will bring. Fans have been waiting for some new content to come along and spice up gameplay since the last season, and it looks like the latest sweeping release will finally bring that. Here are some of the most exciting additions coming to PUBG live servers next week, as announced in the latest patch notes



New Map Changes To Miramar

PUBG 12.1 Patch Notes
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Miramar has been around in-game since PUBG 1.0, and has served as the map that fans think of first when the game comes to mind. The team have focused on making the overall visual presentation of the map a little cleaner with a close eye lent to its lighting, while also improving player interactions with the environments. The fan-favourite 8x8 map has been bestowed with the same visual fidelity as the later maps, including changes to cliffs, foliage and terrain. So while it isn’t quite the new map we were hoping for, at least it brings an old map up to par with the recent battlefields.


New Vehicle - Quad

PUBG 12.1 Patch Notes
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A new vehicle that fans are bound to love is the new quad, an off-roader you can spin around Miramar. It has low-pressure tires and room on the back for a teammate, with a maximum speed of 110 kilometres per hour. You’re only able to take it for a spin on Miramar for now, but eventually, it’ll be added to some custom matches and training mode a little further down the line in an upcoming update.


New Weapon - Lynx AMR

PUBG 12.1 Patch Notes
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The first-ever 50 calibre weapon to join PUBG, the Lynx is going to be the perfect tool to taking out your enemies fleeing in vehicles. The weapon has the potential to destroy the flimsier vehicles of the game in a single shot and can breach bulletproof glass, but there’s a tradeoff. The Lynx AMR has only five rounds, with no way to reload it. It’s hugely powerful, but you’ll need the very best aim to make the most of it.


Weapon Skin Upgrade System

PUBG 12.1 Patch Notes
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A new way to boost your cosmetics in-game has been introduced, that allows you to level up your weapon skins and attach them with new styles. Materials in Contraband Crates can be used to put together unique weapon skins. The first collection will be the Gearhead Barrel, so keep an eye out for it in upcoming crates - you could use it to give your weapon just a little extra visual flair.


Lobby Ball

PUBG 12.1 Patch Notes
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Along with all of these in-game treats, we’re also getting a new way to warm up for our battles. Lobby ball is a new game introduced to pre-game lobbies, that will drop 2 soccer balls in each player-occupied starting area and allow you and your squad to blow off some steam in a friendly kickabout. The soccer balls will disappear once the game starts, so get your goals in quick!

These are the highlights of the PUBG 12.1 patch notes. It spells good things for the upcoming season, as there’s certainly more to come - but even so, this is one hell of a way to kick off a season.

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