PT Was 'Briefly Available To Play On PS5'

PT Was 'Briefly Available To Play On PS5'

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Tom Chapman


9th Nov 2020 11:02

There's bad news for horror fans because it doesn't look like the PlayStation 5 is about to resurrect the legend of Konami's P.T. anytime soon. Although the next-gen console briefly toyed with the idea of returning to Silent Hill, developers gave the project a bullet to the (pyramid) head and left the survival horror demo firmly in the grave it was buried in back in 2014.

For anyone who hasn't dived into the realms of P.T., it stands for "playable teaser" and was supposed to breathe new life into the stagnant Silent Hill franchise. Despite Konami making its name on that hellscape of a town, the series has since gone the way of its locale and slipped into disrepair. While Silent Hill 2 is declared as one of the best games ever, later entries like Silent Hill: Downpour are a far cry from its glory days. It's no surprise this 2012 game was the last we've seen.

Although there are reports Konami is looking to open the township of Silent Hill once again, P.T. won't be the key to doing so with the PS5. Despite the PS5 boasting impressive backward compatibility with thousands of PS4 games, P.T. hasn't made the cut.


According to GamesRadar, the PlayStation 5 allowed you to transfer P.T. from the PlayStation 4, however, the option was later removed. The site says that trying to play P.T. will now lead to a message saying, "You can't use this game or app on the PS5". GamesRadar has asked for clarification on the matter, but no side is willing to take the blame. A representative from Konami asked them to "reach out to Sony about the matter". Sony is apparently investigating the situation. 

P.T. finds itself in a sticky situation. Despite being praised as a terrifying experience that helped shape the future of horror games, its 2014 release was mired in controversy. Starring The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus, P.T. was a demo for Silent Hills. Sadly, franchise overseer Hideo Kojima had a famous falling out with Konami and the project was axed.

With Silent Hills in the bin and ideas eventually evolving into what would be Death Stranding (another Sony exclusive), the PS Store later removed P.T. from download. That being said, if you already had it in your back catalogue, there was a chance you could've moved it over to the PS5. Emphasis on the past tense part of that sentence. 

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P.T. was already something of a collectable commodity to have installed on your PS4 - making it a rare artefact. Now we know the game will die with the last-gen console, will we see a rise of people selling their PS4's for extortionate prices with P.T. installed? As for the future of Silent Hill, Konami has told fans to take rumours with a pinch of salt. There are also questions over whether Kojima would be involved or even tackle his own take on that tormented town. 

Either way, it's a sad state of affairs considering our reignited love in horror games. Following the success of The Last of Us and Resident Evil returning to form with Resident Evil VII, there's a tonne of hype for Resident Evil Village - which is tipped to be one of 2021's biggest games. It would be a shock if Konami didn't deliver a Silent Hill game during the PS5's life cycle, but for now, Silent Hill remains "silent".


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