Here is a guide to use and counter the Predator's invisibility cloak in Fortnite.

17:30, 21 Jan 2021

Fortnite just received the latest hunter, Predator, who is out on the hunting grounds, silently assassinating enemies on his turf. Stealthy Stronghold has been conveniently arranged with hints towards the arrival of this hunter. Jonesy's audio data message also reflects the Predator using his invisibility cloak to get out for his vision while hunting his prey.

Over the years, Fortnite has added multiple mythic weapons and items which provide exclusive abilities for the players to utilise during the matches. Last season, players had the superhero abilities like Iron Man's unibeam, Wolverine's claws, and more to help diversify the game for everyone. Exotic weapons stole some of the spotlights this season; however, mythic weapons/items are still available in the game.

The Mandalorian boss had the first mythic weapon in Chapter 2 Season 5 with the Amban sniper rifle and a mythic item - Jetpack. The Sniper rifle has thermal vision attached to it, with an added functionality of using it in the close quarter duels and as a mobility tool. Similarly, with Predator's arrival, he is also equipped with a unique mythic item - Predator's cloaking device.


Predator Mythic Item Fortnite
Image via Epic Games

Predator is famous for his ability to go invisible and hunt his enemies as he pleases. Therefore, his mythic item, Predator's cloaking device, allows players to literally turn invisible during the matches for 30 seconds with a cooldown of the same time. To get this mythic item, players need to defeat the Predator at Stealthy Stronghold and get hold of his mythic item.


Before delving into the best ways to utilise this item's mythic, let us showcase some of the most fundamental mistakes that shouldn't be done. Players cannot swim or build while using the invisibility cloak, and if you try to do so, you would be stuck in a brief animation in bad spots. Moreover, while ambushing enemies always remember it takes a solid second to deactivate the mythic item, and it could be enough for the enemy to one-shot you with a shotgun. 

Now, the invisibility based mythic item is an excellent tool for escaping 50-50 build fights and using it as a tool for mobility would be the best bet, as players cannot see you at all. However, once the player enters into the invisibility mode, a Predator sound plays in the background. Therefore, it might not the best way to catch enemies off-guard, as good players can hear and sometimes spot you moving as well. It is not the best mythic offensively; however, it has its niche uses defensively.


Lastly, what's an item without a little meme usage? Players can use mythic invisibility item to surprise many players and get up to other mischievous antics while being invisible. The best part about it would be to mobilise and hide during the last few circles.


Predator Mythic Item Fortnite
Images via Epic Games

There is a literal mythic item that turns players invisible like the nasty glitches used to do, but this time legally - so how do we play against it? It's straightforward. Hear the audio clues and upon suspicion, notice your surroundings very keenly. Moreover, you can box yourself up and wait for the sounds to be over to avoid getting ambushed by waiting for a few seconds. You can track the player if he shows up, and take your sweet revenge.


Images via Epic Games 

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