Pokemon UNITE Glitch Decapitates Squirtle

Pokemon UNITE Glitch Decapitates Squirtle
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21st Sep 2021 15:32

It's a big day, as TiMi Studios' Pokemon UNITE is finally coming to mobile. The free-to-play multiplayer has already been making waves on the Nintendo Switch, but with an iOS and Android port, this battle area juggernaut is sure to find a whole new fan base. There's one problem though, there's a pretty horrifying glitch running rife.

We know the world of Pokemon can be a sometimes grim affair. Alongside humans eating Pokemon, there's that whole Lavender Town suicide controversy, and the fact fans think Cubone wears the skull of a deceased Kangaskhan. Now, the ghost of a decapitated Squirtle is set to become part of Pokemon Creepypasta. 

Why is Pokemon UNITE decapitating Squirtle?

There's an impressive roster of Mon on offer when you boot up Pokemon UNITE - with more on the way. In a post-release UNITE, one of its biggest additions was Blastoise, who fired a water cannon at the competition. This nautical Bowser starts out life as the adorable Squirtle and then evolves into the hard-faced Wartortle, which is where the decapitation is apparently occurring.

Posting on Reddit, u/mo4212 showed off the horrifying moment their Squirtle evolved into Wartortle at Level 5, then reappeared without a head. It's likely just a rendering glitch that's causing headless Squirtle, but seeing the beloved water type running around as a headless Wartortle is a pretty disturbing image.

Other players were equally as shocked - cue shocked Pikachu face. Responding to the original video, one person wrote, "I mean, where do you think those Wartortle headbands in the shop came from?", while another joked, "Mario jumped on the wrong turtle". Someone then sensibly suggested, "I wonder if you used skull bash right as you evolved."

Will the Squirtle glitch be fixed?

Despite Squirtle's unnerving look, it doesn't seem to affect the way the Pocket Monster plays. In the video, we see they're even able to shoot a Hydro Pump from the space where their head used to be. Someone else on the thread claims they experienced the same glitch, but instead of lopping Squirtle's head off, it's just really small. 

As Squirtle has no eyes, we'll have to keep ours peeled to see if others report the same glitch. However, if you think this is one that will fix itself, the OP warned, "It was like this until I evolved into Blastoise and my friends could see it too. Guess Wartortle was feeling a little shy and didn’t wanna show his face lol."

Pokemon UNITE has been plagued by all the usual teething problems you'd expect from a game. One of the biggest was one that removed the entire map for players. Opponents weren't able to see you, which meant you could attack like some ghostly spectre. The only problem was, you weren't able to score, meaning the whole thing was redundant. 

We hope that the mobile release of Pokemon UNITE will iron out most of these kinks and lead to a more seamless era of TiMi's Poketastic playing field. 


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