Which new Pokémon can we expect in the Crown Tundra expansion pack?

12:10, 22 Oct 2020

The Crown Tundra expansion pack is the second downloadable content that has been released for Pokemon: Shield and Pokemon: Sword, which will grant players access to a variety of new places. Trainers will be able to begin a journey through a brand new glacial landscape, full of snowy mountains and frozen lakes. Along the way, they may run into a few new, but not unfamiliar faces.

Will Crown Tundra have new pokemon?

Yes. Nintendo has confirmed that at least two new Pokemon will be coming in the next expansion pack. Galarian Slowking and Gigantamax Melmetal will both be available to be captured in the Crown Tundra expansion pack and can be found in the depths of Galar. 

Crown Tundra New Pokemon - Galarian Slowking

Galarian Slowking will be the second evolution form of Galarian Slowpoke, with the regional Slowbro being the middle form. After a bite from a Shellder sparked a reaction from the Slowpoke's brain, the Slowking has taken a shell as a helm and developed the psychic powers and poisonous attacks of the Pokemon. The newly evolved Pokemon ofter utter incantations and mysterious spells to each other, although it is not understood what jibberish they are spewing.

The Galarian Slowking will come with two different abilities to its predecessor. Curious Medicine will be a basic ability that is new in the Crown Tundra expansion. Casting this, all allies' stat changes are reset. It's signature move though is called "Eerie Spell", which will cause tremendous psychic power, and causes the last enemy attack to drop 3pp in strength for the rest of the duel.

  • Category - Hexpert Pokemon
  • Type - Poison/Psychic
  • Height - 5'11"
  • Weight - 175.3 lbs.
Crown Tundra New Pokemon
Crown Tundra New Pokemon - Galarian Slowking | Image via Nintendo

Crown Tundra New Pokemon - GIGANTAMAX MELMETAL

Less is known about the new Gigantamax Melmetal Pokemon, in comparison to the Galarian Slowking. Also new to the Crown Tundra expansion pack, Melmetal will come with Hex-nut fists on telescoping arms. Using its elastic and liquid-metal body form, it will be able to land blows on enemy Pokemon even if they attempt to bring social distancing into the game. With its gigantic fists, Melmetal will be able to crunch Pokemon from far away, and cause a lot of damage. 

Gigantamax Melmetal will also be able to fire electric beams from his hex-nuts (not quite what it sounds like; it is a machine after all). By generating a surge of electricity, it will be able to fire beams from its abdominal, with the results being deadly enough to vaporise anything in its way.

  • Category - ???
  • Type - Steel
  • Height - 82'
  • Weight - ???
Crown Tundra New Pokemon
Crown Tundra New Pokemon - GIGANTAMAX MELMETAL | Image via Nintendo

You can download Pokemon Sword and Shield's expansion packs from the eShop, with the Crown Tundra becoming available on October 22.




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Image via Nintendo

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