Pokemon Legends: Arceus Leaker Reveals Two New Hisuian Forms

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Leaker Reveals Two New Hisuian Forms
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Joseph Kime


13th Oct 2021 16:16

Pokemon Legends: Arceus has been a huge source of hype in the Pokemon world. An all-new game, with an all-new look at a fan-favourite region, with an all-new playstyle, map, and Pokemon forms - it’s on track to be one of the most exciting games the franchise has ever seen.

One of the most exciting parts of journeying to the Hisui region is its plethora of exclusive Pokemon forms that put new spins on classic Pokemon who have adapted to their surroundings. And it looks like some new, unannounced forms, are coming to the game.

Leaker Hints At Hisuian Forms Of Voltorb And Electrode

The "Chinese Riddler" - a popular leaker of information especially pertaining to Pokemon - has suggested the next Pokemon set to get their own Hisuian forms in the upcoming Legends: Arceus title.

It looks like Voltorb and Electrode (the two Pokemon that most resemble the Pokeball) are going to have their own forms. Frankly, there are few beasties that make more sense for the change than these two.

The Pokemon are both designed to be reminiscent of the series’ modern Pokeballs, but this game sees a drastically different Pokeball design, so it’s safe to assume that the redesign will be coming in line with the new look of the capturing device.

Which Pokemon Already Have Hisuian Forms?

So far, the fire dog Growlithe and the battle-cry bird Braviary have their own confirmed forms for the Hisuian region in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, with many more predicted to be announced before launch. It’s nice to see new twists on Pokemon we know and love, and especially so in the intriguing unknowns of feudal Sinnoh.

Whether Voltorb and Electrode get their own versions for the game remains to be seen - but honestly, out of all the Pokemon to receive new forms, these two deserve it the most. Feudal Pokeball Pokemon? Sign us up.


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